From believing I should be the quiet girl in the corner – to gaining the courage to publish a book fueled by my voice

Passing the mic to our sis Keri Cook to learn about her newest book, and the importance of supporting and empowering the young women of today

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Photo: Keri Cook

Hi! I’m Keri Cook, author of The Little Blue Book: A Young Woman’s Guide to Loving Who You Are. I’ve channeled my passion for empowering young women into a personal guide created purposefully for young women, ages 13-18. I have compiled my years of research, experience mentoring and facilitating conversations for young women, substitute teaching, and my own experiences into a refreshingly realistic read for the young women of today – our leaders of tomorrow.

While out for a walk one evening, I was having a passionate discussion with my partner about the lousy and isolating experiences young women have to endure throughout middle and high school, and how they oftentimes feel as though they are completely alone. And, it isn’t until years later during table talks with your best girlfriends, reflecting on the hardships endured during our younger years when you collectively realizing that you all shared these experiences! It isn’t until these conversations and years later when you finally feel validated and realize that you aren’t alone – and that you never truly were.

Can you imagine the confidence and comfort we could have felt in our younger years if we had the answers to fill the empty words “I wish I knew then what I know now”? I want to give the young women of today the tools to find these answers – in a real, authentic, and unapologetic form. I want to help them find that sense of belonging. And, the peace of knowing they aren’t alone. All while gifting them the ability to learn more about themselves while having the freedom to grow within the pages of their own book on their own time.

book | teacher | workbook
Image: Keri Cook

And that’s exactly what I did – I channeled my passion and years of research and experience into a book that discusses the shared experiences that we all go through, but don’t necessarily feel comfortable talking about. Throughout my experiences I noticed that there were certain topics and questions that would consistently arise – proving that these were the questions that young women were longing to talk about when provided a space they felt comfortable. I took these topics and guided them into the 10 lessons presented throughout my book, a few being: self-worth, struggles with body image, toxic friendships, positive self-talk, valuing yourself and loving who you are – no matter what.

I hope that when readers finish the book, they will have learned more about themselves and all that they deserve. And, most importantly, that they will feel confident enough to live as their authentic self. It is so vital that we take the time to support young women. It is through supporting them, supporting ourselves, and supporting each other that we can live our lives authentically, and lovingly normalize uncomfortable conversations.

book | teacher | workbook

You can grab a copy of “The Little Blue Book: A Young Woman’s Guide to Loving Who You Are” here. Get in touch with Keri and follow along with her important work to empower young women on her Instagram and website.


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