Lakeside Fro-Yo’s With Lydmor

The Danish electronic musician told us about messy sandwiches, gender imbalance and being a boss.

Copenhagen music | Interview

Singer/songwriter Jenny Rossander has been collaborating and touring with bands such as So-so Echo, Bottled in England, and Arsenal. Her solo project Lydmor features an ethereal field of electro pop to get lost in. We caught up for some fro-yo and hungout by the lakes.


Photos: Nicolas Dalby

When did you decide to become a musician?

I started making piano songs. Then I bought some electronic equipment because I didn’t know anyone that played music back then. I had these songs and thought I should record them. At the time I didn’t understand studios and thought that studios are for people that are signed onto labels. I got more equipment when I was 17 and learned that I could make beats and more sounds, and spent two years doing that on my own. Then D3 picked up a song that my friend helped with and then people wanted me to play live. It has been a gradual process. It has always felt really nice doing music. It is the only thing that I understand. That I can keep on doing forever. When I had the opportunity to do it all the time, I just jumped on it.

What feels like home after coming back from being on tour?

I tried not to get onto my computer, but I really got into this game. I like to hangout with my friends. And since I don’t have a lot of time, and when everyone has a weekend, I don’t. So being around friends and being in Copenhagen. I am in the first period of really loving Copenhagen. I have only lived here two years and I love being in a city.

How many instruments do you play?

I sing. I play piano. I play synthesizers. I can actually play the clarinet pretty well. But it’s just a weird instrument for the music I make. I cannot play guitar. I love guitar and I love electro with guitar on it but I try and try and try, and I don’t have the fingers for it. Every two years I borrow someone’s guitar and I tell myself, ‘Now is the time!’ But it never happens (laughs).


Who is Lydmor?

Lydmor is me.

Where do you draw your inspiration? 

For me, inspiration is very personal. Everything that happens to my life and all emotions that I have. It’s not that I look into me and say I want to do ‘that’ or invent some new genre. It is more like how can I make what is happening in my life into the sounds that people can listen to.

What sandwich best describes you?

I would be a really spicy one. Like one that you get sauce all over your fingers. And a bit messy. With WAY too much stuff in it that doesn’t really make sense. Like olives, and bacon, and mozzarella. And just fit in there somewhere with A LOT of dressing.


Do you have a favorite song to perform live?

It is kind of different with every audience. Some audiences it is the more emotional and intimate songs, while with other audiences it is more of the dancy stuff. It kind of depends on what time of day it is and who the people in the audience are. I couldn’t name a single one.

What are you looking forward to in the next year?

Releasing my new album.

Does it have a name?

Ah no, actually. All the songs are done. All the production is done. I still don’t have a name for it. I feel so silly. And I have just been pondering and pondering for years. But it has been really exciting because I have been doing other stuff since the release of my first album. I have been doing So-so Echo last year, and we played Roskilde. That was a huge chapter for me. And I have been doing things with Arsenal and Bottled in England. But now it’s time to get back to me, to Lydmor.


What is your relation to Bottled in England?

They are so sweet. They were the first band to have me as a guest singer. I have been doing that a lot lately, but they were the first. We had so much fun doing these weird tours around Europe. We had a ten day tour in December once, and it was so cold, and the venues we went to were so drastic. Sometimes there were a lot of people, and other times not so much. And everything was disorganized. Now when I meet them I think about that experience. It was hardcore team building. A real example of what touring can do.

What was the last thing that made you say ‘Wow’?

The Faroe Islands. I went for a festival and I didn’t know what to expect. They’re so small that you can see the water everywhere and it was pretty magical being that close to nature. I love being in a city, but I was swept away by landscape. I got to go with my boyfriend, who is also my producer, so it was a really nice time.

What is the best piece of advice you have been given?

I am the boss. When I first started out I was told by a lot of people what to do and how to do it. I saw another musician on the phone with his manager or someone and he was just yelling at him on the phone to sort out a matter. He did it so professionally and to draw the line. It really inspired me. I need to remember to put myself first.


Girls are awesome because… 

I could say Girls Are Awesome ‘cause boobs are awesome, but girl musicians are awesome. The music industry is a little unbalanced so any girl whose making a name for herself is really doing a great job.

Do you like your long hair now?

I cut it all off on impulse. I was around at home during Christmas. And being home for Christmas is really boring if you’re from a small town. And my parents went to bed like at 10.00 (pm). With my daily rhythm, I go to bed around 04.00 in the morning. And I was walking around the house and the internet wasn’t working so I went to the mirror and had a pair of scissors…It’s nice to have it back.

What did you want to be growing up?

I wanted to be a movie director. But that kind of got derailed by singing. Now I am the co-director of my music videos. I worked with Christina Amundsen for a So-so echo video, and she’s very creative but has a huge amount of respect for what I want. I found out that when I started doing them the way I want, that I am really specific about the direction of the video. So now when I make a song, I envision how it looks and the world that surrounds it. I can’t wait to have some new ones. It is fun directing! Maybe one day I’ll make a movie.


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