Follow Laura Kaczmarek and Heckmecks as they travel through Austria and Switzerland

Stifling heat, carnival madness and scary gondolas rides – journey through the alps with Laura Kaczmarek and Heckmecks, on their quest for skatespots, new friends and photos.

As part of her dream to create a photography book filled with imagery from travels and friendships, Laura Kaczmarek and her Heckmecks crew straight outta Essen, Germany, set out on a make-shift road trip starting in Zurich, where they connected with local skate crew Shreddermoes (check their playlist) weaving through the alps by train to Innsbruck. Shadowed by photographer Tina Willim aka Lili Casino to document the trip, the girls spent their days scoping skate spots, making new connections with friends-until-this-stage-only-on-Instagram and being total tourists.

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