FLOCK’s ‘Picnic Posse’ Line is a Fresh Breath Of Psychedelic Air

What? A Scandinavian brand making clothes IN COLOUR and (gasp) IN PATTERNS? Unheard of!

Of all the outworn and unadventurous phrases out there, “black is the new black” is probably the worst one—which is why we’re thrilled we discovered a new brand swiftly proving that overused statement wrong.



FLOCK‘s psych-tribal-digital collection ‘Picnic Posse’ is all about hypnotizing, in-your-face and bold patterns. Considering we’re about to enter the season of identical navy coats and black everything, the whole thing offers a much-needed break from the eternally earth-toned clothes dominating the Scandinavian streets.



Siff Pristed & Emilie Carlsen, the Danish textile designer duo behind the brand, have combined fairly simple and minimalistic shapes with trippy and complex digital patterns, creating pieces that can be mixed and matched within the collection. “Inspired by our present time, where the differences within genders and cultures dissolve, the collection emerges in the contrast between the simple functional shapes and the complexity of the digitally printed textiles,” they explain.



The contemporary reality the designers are talking about is emphasized in the unorthodox mix of shapes and colors, but also in their refreshing emphasis on gender fluidity. These clothes will look good on almost anyone—and even if the style isn’t exactly your cup of digital tea, you can still enjoy the fact that the world has become one colorful and playful brand richer.

Photos by Balder Skånström-Bo

Make-up by Yunah Rädecker

Stylist: Nanna Rosenfeldt-Olsen

Models: Ronja Falk, Unique Models & Jesper Tønder Christiansen

Graphic design by Laura Silke

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