Five Netflix Shows You Should Be Watching Right Now

Evenings in are best spent Netflix and chillin’ to these five series that truly hit the spot when it comes to captivating creativity and unapologetically strong female roles.

Can we call it official at this point? The term “Netflix and chill” has been formally re-appropriated from what it was – a flimsy, self-aware facade for a casual sexual experience with someone you don’t care for enough to be seen with out in public, but enough to satisfy a temporary urge – and rescued to its true definition: hanging at home alone time in no-pants-land with no makeup and least supportive bra while something life-affirming plays from one of the several devices at your disposal (yes, “Netflix and chill” falls primarily into the category of first world solutions). Sometimes, self-care means pressing the pause button on social activity and pressing play on something cozy, entertaining or dare-we-say titillating. Nowadays, with the revolution of television from a one-set situation to now being available to stream on-the-go at any time, the demand for hot content has never been so high. Streaming sites like Neflix have stepped up to send you true gold, right effing now (minus the effing, maybe).

Without futher ado, here are five suggestions for you to enjoy this weekend or whenever you so choose: all series featuring some amazing or inspiring female roles.


First and foremost, get your GLOW on with the Gorgeous Ladies Of Wrestling. This punchy Netflix comedy is a big “YES”, for many reasons. Beyond the fact that the cast features women of all shapes, sizes, races and backgrounds, the concept behind the show is effortlessly on point: a ragtag group of women from an obscure, real-life television show from the 1980’s band together to put on quality wrestling matches and rescue their careers from the pitfalls of women in Hollywood at the time – the rampant sexual misconduct, minor one-line characters and underpaid supporting roles that littered the industry until recent years. The show is produced by Liz Flahive (of Homeland, Nurse Jackie) and Carly Mensch (of Orange is the New Black, Weeds, Nurse Jackie) and features a diverse array of amazing female and male writers. At the end of the day, the show is an unexpectedly heartwarming and hilariously funny mishmash of brilliantly written scenarios that still apply to womanhood today.

She’s Gotta Have It

Next, please watch the “Yas Kween” quintissential, She’s Gotta Have It. The buoyant “dramedy” series is based off of Spike Lee’s film of the same name, and revolves around the life of Brooklyn-based artist and dreamer Nola Davis, as she finds a cheeky balance between work, friends and lovers on the daily. The tone of the show manages to stay upbeat and lighthearted while also taking on issues like race, women’s issues and a whole slew of twenty-something problems which develop the plot of the show as a whole. The focus of the show is trained intently on front-woman Nola, played by DeWanda Wise, and her surrounding relationships, unravelling into a clever concoction of her bad-girl universe, which is on full display in every episode. Tune in for your daily dose of fabulously fabricated realness.

Russian Doll

Be sure to tune TF in as famously tac-sharp Emmy-nominated actress Natasha Lyonne takes center stage for the seriously funny and irrevocably deep Netflix series, Russian Doll. The premise of the show is wonderfully quirky, dark; the main character, Nadia, is set to arrive at a party in New York City, but somehow becomes entangled in a mysterious and highly unfortunate time-loop, where she experiences her own death over and over again. The show was always destined for success; co-created by the already-legendary Amy Poehler as well as Lyonne herself, the largely women-produced, written, directed and conceptualized series is an enticingly weird yet life-affirming story that’ll wake you up and draw you in at the same damn time.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Tune in to the very funny topsy-turvy TV series Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, which will leave you feeling like you can conquer the world in your own signature way. Unfortunately, this dynamic comedy series has already come to a close after its fourth season running on Netflix. Nevertheless, it is definitely still worth a watch – the series is written and created by none other than OG Bossypants and hilarious human, Tina Fey, and also features many talented comedic actors who bring the notoriously clever, Fey-and-friends script to life. The premise of the show is entirely bizarre and it’s safe to say: would not work on any other platform than the wide-ranging, comedy-nerd-conducive Netflix. Essentially, four women are lured into a cult-like existence in a bunker for thirty years before they are extracted and attempt re-integrated into the modern world.

Despite the seemingly dark subject matter, this eternally upbeat series brings out the brightness in the world, as it boldly challenges subjects like victimhood, cultural appropriation, LGBT issues and class-based lifestyle struggles with an authentic, happy-go-lucky attitude. Tune in and prepare to be transported to a world where trauma and existential stress sweats are essential but somewhat non-invasive parts of the human existence; be welcomed to laugh along with this free-flowing, color-coded chaotic paradise.

They Ready

Through-the-roof comedic powerhouse Tiffany Haddish is ready to lock in all of her original promises to fellow female comedians with season one of brand-new Netflix series, They Ready, released earlier this summer. The well-balanced standup show, (based off of her signature catchphrase: “she ready”), features female-identifying comedians from all walks of life, joined together by the shared bond of homegirl Tiffany Haddish, of course, and the comedy-driven lifestyle, as it were. When it comes to comedy, it shouldn’t be overlooked that comedians are oftentimes the most complicated characters of them all; in this surprisingly heartwarming series, the journey of each individual woman happens to be equally as engaging as their straight-up gold comedic material. All in all, definitely worth a watch. Feel free to slip into something more comfortable and get ready to laugh your way to some well-earned abs, while you sit back and sip wine or snack whatever’s in your cabinet this evening.

Here’s to more evenings in, more chillworthy Netflix shows and more female empowerment in mainstream media.


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