Five Female Comedians Who Are Crushing It

Stay in, watch these hilarious women’s Netflix specials and laugh so hard you get abs.

Traditionally a “boy’s club”, the comedy scene – and particularly standup comedy – has expanded far beyond the ground previously laid out by greats like Joan rivers, Wanda Sykes, Paula Poundstone and Ellen Degeneres. Thanks to streaming sites such as Netflix and HBO, hilarious comedians who also happen to be women are more accessible than ever. And yes, there are more female standups than Sarah Silverman (although she is fricken amazing as well).

Tig Notaro

Tig Notaro rose to fame after an incredibly unlucky series of events lead her to deliver an iconic performance at the famous Largo club in Los Angeles. In 2012, she had pneumonia which developed into a rare and potentially deadly bacterial infection that caused her to lose more than 20 pounds. Shortly after, her mother died, she got dumped by her girlfriend and learned she had breast cancer in both of her breasts.

Tig’s journey through personal loss and illness ended up being her journey to success. Watch her grammy nominated HBO show Tig Notaro: Boyish Girl, Interrupted or her new Netflix special Happy To Be Here. Her general presentation and subject matter unflinchingly challenges everything from gender constructions to social awkwardness and her dead serious delivery leads to the most tumultuous laughs.

Amy Schumer

Homegirl Amy Schumer has a lot to say about the world and she’s not afraid to piss people off in the process. Throughout her career, Schumer established herself as the decisively self-deprecating and unafraid-to-be-ratchet queen of comedy. In the process, she shattered the unrealistic standards for women which demand prim-and-proper presentation in most situations. Amy Schumer is who she is, doesn’t apologize for it and at the end of the day her comedy is full of relatable and hilarious content. The Leather Special is available on Netflix and is pee-your-leather-pants funny.

Chelsea Peretti

Chelsea Peretti is one of those comedians where she barely needs to speak to make you hit the floor laughing. She is most known for writing on American comedy series Parks and Recreation, leading to a starring role on the very funny Brooklyn 99 and the 2012 Netflix special, One of the Greats. Her special is the perfect combination of relatable life hacks, personal stories and spot-on observational humor that will affirm your entire existence.

Chelsea is commonly known to friends and fans as someone who lives and breathes funny. Comedy costars rave about her lighthearted energy and her ability to get laughs in almost any situation without really trying. Definitely catch up on her Netflix special; it is top shelf stuff.

Michelle Wolf

Michelle Wolf! This badass bitch is possibly the most provocative comedian of the current day. Branching out from a slightly more tame career plan in finance and banking, Michelle Wolf started improv classes which ultimately lead her to persue standup comedy. Her first formal appearance was on Late Night with Seth Meyers, where she eventually became a key writer.

Her comedy, never shrinking away from hot-button issues and news of the day, naturally lead her into politics; in 2016 she joined The Daily Show with Trevor Noah as a writer and correspondent. Perhaps it was this shift that booked her the notorious Correspondent’s Dinner spot as the first unapologetic female comedian to roast the Trump Administration. She killed it, and the rest is history. Catch her as the host of the regular Netflix variety show The Break with Michelle Wolf.

Ali Wong

By now, you probably know Ali Wong first and foremost as the ludicrously funny mastermind behind Baby Cobra, the Netflix special she released on Mother’s Day 2016 while seven months pregnant with her first child. Before then, she tested her raunchy yet endearing tirade of absurdity on comedy shows like The Tonight Show, John Oliver’s New York Stand Up Show, Chelsea Lately and Inside Amy Schumer.

Her latest special was released this past May, while she was seven months pregnant with her second child. While the first special talked about her previous dating life, creative sex and the paradox of housewifery, the second installment of her creative genius, Hard Knock Wife, provides a look at her life post-fame, being a working mother, unwittingly becoming the main “breadwinner” of the family and the bodily wonders of post-childbirth sex.

These five women are quite simply, very good at what they do – and lucky for us, that involves a lot of laughter and happiness on our end. Here are a few more amazing comedians who happen to be women: Christina Pazsitzky, Nikki Glaser, Natasha Leggero and Katherine Ryan all tear it up. Check it out ya’ll.


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