The Film “Advanced Style” Will Make You Rethink Aging

“If someone doesn’t like what I’m wearing – well, I don’t give a shit.”

The assumption that getting old is the same as getting boring has been seriously challenged by filmmaker Lina Plioplyte, blogger Ari Seth Cohen but most importantly, by the seven stylish ladies in the documentary “Advanced Style”.

Media have always had a tendency to cater for young women, putting out an underlying message that youth is the only golden age to possess style and beauty. In reality, there’s no age limit on self-expression, which is exactly what these authentic, powerful and experienced ladies prove to the world in Plioplyte and Cohen’s documentary.

What started as a street style blog for Cohen eventually caught the attention of filmmaker Plioplyte and together they ventured into the adventure of following some of New York’s best dressed older ladies. The goal was to inspire, but just as much alter with people’s perception of aging. As Plioplyte said to Tribeca Film Institute:

“I want people to be inspired to play—with clothes or with their lives—more fearlessly after observing these women for an hour and twelve minutes.” 

Society’s perception of what is beautiful is sometimes not the most exciting and authentic, but these seven ladies are sure to be just the thing to help you with embracing old age including wrinkles, glamour and everything in between.


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