An Ode to You, the Brave and Mud-Drenched Drunks of Roskilde Festival

You were drenched in mud and alcohol all weekend, and you were beautiful for it. Here's why.

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Sherin Khankan on Islamic Feminism and Learning to Love Being Different

“I’ve never done an interview this personal before.”

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Le Gammeltoft on being “busy, freaking fucking busy”

If you're not happy with what you do, make like Le Gammeltoft and create your own job.

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Fryd Frydendahl: ”It’s like real expressions in staged scenarios”

Fryd Frydendahl uses her photographic work as a way to comprehend harsh feelings by turning them into magical beauty.

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Artist Monica Ramos Is Selling Art She Hasn’t Made Yet

And with the likelihood of selling out being pretty high, you'd best get in quick if you're a fan.

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