Feast Your Eyes on Moons and Junes’ #Girlsquad, a Campaign About Diverse and Badass Women

Other lingerie brands: take note.

Photography by Alona Vibe

At this point, it’s almost funny how out of touch most lingerie brands still are. Like, Victoria’s Secret is somehow still getting away with organizing absurd carnivalesque events featuring amazonian, barely legal models whose ribcages are actively being suffocated by snake-like diamond corsets. Agent Provocateur is gorgeous in theory but a) not entirely practical if you’re someone who doesn’t necessarily enjoy sitting at the office with a geometrical string and pom pom boob situation in place of a bra, b) only applicable for people down to drop half a paycheque on a string that goes up your bum and c) seems to look halfway decent exclusively on malnourished women. As for everything else, it seems to fall into the camp of Triumph or CHANGE a.k.a. marketed with about as much edge as a lukewarm cup of whole milk. Luckily, however, there’s a change in the air in the form of boutique lingerie brands that just get it. One of those brands is Copenhagen’s Moons and Junes—as proven by the killer campaign that just dropped today.

Dubbed #GIRLSQUAD, the brand says the gist of the campaign is to take a stance against the stereotypical representation of women in the lingerie industry. Case in point: all of the women they cast are unique in shape, size and culture, look confident AF and are shot in perfected natural lighting and tones by Alona Vibe. Moons and Junes also aimed to create an inclusive space that would inspire women, which is why they worked with women like feminist activist Amalie Have and May Simón, who recently became the first transgender woman to be featured on the cover of a Danish fashion mag.

As for the lingerie itself, it’s sure to be preeeeetty damn comfy: over 50 fittings went into development phase to make sure that every body feels rather spiffy in some undies and a bra.

Check out the photos below—and if it’s time for a new bra, you know what to do.