Fearless Immunity Fundraiser: Making an Impact for South Asia’s COVID-19 Crisis Response Through Art

The Fearless Immunity fundraiser just went live, and it’s our chance to make a world of difference for the COVID-19 crisis response across South Asia!

Hey Girls Are Awesome community! We have an opportunity right now to come together across borders, and touch lives on the front lines of the COVID-19 response in South Asia! And we need your help to do it…

We’re talking about the Fearless Immunity fundraiser, featuring incredible artwork by 40-50 female artists from across South Asia. They’ve joined creative forces to raise funds for hand-selected organizations who are working tirelessly to combat the COVID-19 crisis, and we hope our amazing community can show up in a BIG way way to support this urgent cause <3

Participating in the Fearless Immunity fundraiser is super easy. Here’s all you need to do:

  1. Head over to the fundraiser’s Instagram account @fearlessimmunity
  2. Browse through all the beautiful artwork, some of which we’ve shared here – click through to get inspired!
  3. Find a piece of art that you absolutely need on your wall
  4. Get in touch with the artist via DM for payment information

…and then get excited to receive your new favorite piece of art, knowing 100% of the funds raised are going to grassroots organizations on the ground in South Asia.

Read more about the Fearless Immunity fundraiser below, and stay tuned over the next week as we bring you more stories, inspiration and beautiful art from the Fearless community behind the fundraiser.

Thank you for always showing up for our sisters, and for helping us spread the word about supporting the COVID-19 crisis response in South Asia!

The Girls Are Awesome crew


(Caring for the Collective Body)

an art sale to raise urgent funds
for the COVID-19 crisis response across South Asia

Words by Fearless Collective, creators of the Fearless Immunity fundraiser

In this time of Fear and Trauma, Fearless Collective is bringing together artists from across India to raise funds for organizations  providing care and support due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

If there’s anything this time has taught us – it is that we are an interconnected (breathing) whole. 

Our bodies and societies are interlinked systems- and we need holistic approaches to healing. We are eyes, bones, lungs, skin, heart, head.  

We are spirit, emotion, body and mind. 

Each organ plays a vital and individual role, and together create life. 

We are creating a collective body of work, each that represents a different organ in need of healing.

Lungs for the oxygen we breathe.

Hands for those who continue to labour on the frontlines.

A Heart for all the emotional trauma and pain that needs to be transformed.

In this moment, we (together) need to generate collective immunity that resources not just one part, but the system as a whole. 

Artwork by Mehandee Dureja

Fearless Movement

The Fearless Movement aspires to be a movement of women from the Global South, paint brushes in hand, reclaiming self-representation, transforming public spaces in their home countries, and facilitating affirmative conversations on social justice. Over the last two years we have been training more artists and activists to respond to moments of fear and trauma with beauty, using the Fearless methodology.

In this moment of need for India and South Asia, artists from across the region are coming together to create and contribute their art to raise funds.



One intention of this fundraiser is to diversify both the source and destination for funds raised. Artists were asked to pick charities they wanted to support – in this way, a range of charities and organisations are being supported by the fundraiser – from bigger NGOs, to small groups, to informal collectives. Based on the concept of holistic healing and healing the collective body, artists were encouraged to create art that corresponded to the work of the charity they wanted to support: painted lungs towards oxygen and ventilators; a mind towards mental health initiatives and so on.

Visit @fearlessimmunity to participate now

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