Fashion Brand Company by Penelope Gazin Is Everything

Feel free to brighten up your day by diving into these insanely casual-cool clothes from LA-based Fashion Brand Company.

Are you bored with your current collection of clothes but allergic to fast fashion for the environmental repercussions, overpriced designs and regrettable quality? Never fear; Fashion Brand Company is here! Currently based out of headquarters in LA, human and lizard fashion designer Penelope Gazin is creating clothes that transcend trends, feel like sassy whimsical vibes and celebrate her magical aesthetic. Furthermore, Gazin’s crazy community is an inclusive and unpretentious femme-identifying wonderland where all are welcome and where anything goes; lizard clothes are a go, three-headed polos are the norm and yes, you can rock a floor-length ball gown and be the freaking princess you are!

Here are some of the fierce looks Gazin has turned out lately; feel free to roam the web shop for the styles that are in stock now.

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Clothing is more than just fabric – to quote The Devil Wears Prada: “And what they did, what they created, is greater than art. Because you live your life in it. …Well, maybe not you, but some people.” Cheers to Fashion Brand Company and the gang of weirdos! 🙂




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