Exclusive Watch: FILIPPA Embraces the Dark and Dances Her Way Into 2021 in the Video for “Just One Night”

FILIPPA shows us what “cool” means in her stunning new video. Have an exclusive watch in the article below!

Filippa by Emma Ishøy
Filippa by Emma Ishøy

Back in September, the Danish pop-newcomer FILIPPA released her powerful new single “Just One Night” – a track that channels the intuitive feeling of wanting to escape everything by dancing. With a pulsating beat, an extremely catchy hook and a dark atmosphere surrounding the track, “Just One Night” makes you want to move your feet while seeking the dark night sky. On the track, FILIPPA tells:

“Just One Night” is about a time where I was tired of being stepped on. The aftermath of a not so smooth break-up had filled me with anger and I wouldn’t let anyone come close and hurt me again. It was tough wearing my emotions on my sleeves all the times and I felt like dropping off all my thoughts in the wardrobe and just go dancing.

The accompanying video perfectly embodies the dark and emotional environment the track was initially written in, and channels the coolness and toughness in the lyrics.

The video is directed by Filippa herself and filmed by Girls Are Awesome’s very own (beloved) videographer Emma Ishøy. On the video, Emma Ishøy states:

Earlier this year of the ‘rona, Filippa and I met each other through a friend, who initiated the music documentary, we’re currently working on about Filippa. Following Filippa as a VJ, her and I quickly found a common creative chemistry, and from here our collaboration on the music video began. As a director of the video, Filippa had a clear cut idea of the video’s essence being the feeling of coming home from the club late – everything being a bit weird, blurry, dark and ambiguous. ‘Cause that’s what the video is about; being present and shutting off your thoughts for a moment. Honestly, it’s been amazing to work with Filippa as her vision on the video was very clear from the get-go. Also in the editing, she sat with me and we worked out the exact outcome of the shoot – which is what you see today!