EXCLUSIVE: Watch as FVN Assumes Her Throne With Smashing “Twenty Sexy” Freestyle

We’ve collaborated with FVN to create the visuals for her next-level freestyle “Twenty Sexy”.

FVN by Amalie Ivalo

“Lost a couple kilos thank god my ass stayed fat // Now your favorite rapper stalking every post no cap”

Following a string of first-class singles, FVN is busting a power move when she spits 90 straight seconds of memorable punchlines on her freestyle “Twenty Sexy”.

We’re excited to have teamed up with FVN to create the accompanying video, in which our crew captured the rising star in her right element flexin’ like it’s all she’s ever done.

It’s amazing how she can go from boss b*tch in front of the camera to the sweetest, kindest, laughing person behind the scenes,” lead photographer, Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen, says about the making of the video.

FVN by Alexander Hjorth Jespersen

“I’m confused some I need to know // How they say they rap but never drop no freestyle wow?” – FVN, Twenty Sexy Freestyle

Film – Nikolaj Rohde Simonsen
Editing – Alexander Jespersen
Photography – Amalie Ivalo
Production – Frederik Sally
Glam – Michele Nduta
Car – Ramsbæk & Andersen


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