Evie Golding’s Vulnerable, Moving Poem that Brings ‘Daddy Issues’ Into The Light

“I want people to realise this “daddy issues” term is real, of course it is. You’re going to have deep emotional trauma from a father abandoning you, so let’s talk about this, let’s work through it.” – Evie Golding


For some reason, when issues rise to the surface especially within women, they are the ones blamed. They are seen as tainted goods, like there is something wrong with them. It’s embarrassing, it’s broken, and it’s made to feel as though it’s your fault. Director and poet Evie Golding has something to get off her chest about it.

The term “daddy issues” has come to mean a woman has something ‘wrong’ with her, rather than she experienced something painful and traumatic at the hands of her father, and it affected her. This misplaced blame, and the affects of the trauma itself, was in Evie‘s mind when she first penned ‘Senses (Daddy Issues)’, a vulnerable and eye opening poetic video aimed to change the conversation around the term and what lies beneath “daddy issues”.

Evie says, “I want people to realise this “daddy issues” term is real, of course it is. You’re going to have deep emotional trauma from a father abandoning you, so let’s talk about this, let’s work through it. I’ve been abandoned by my Dad time and time over, it’s affected the way I deal with relationships massively; I have to be conscious of this. However, I want people to see that your father’s actions are not your fault, nor your responsibility to fix.”

‘Senses (Daddy Issues)’ brings light to the reality of having “daddy issues”; how we can rethink the way we use this term and how we should give more time and compassion to the children now adults of “daddy issues”.

Evie Golding

This poem is Evie’s first independent release of the year and comes following the release of ‘Here To Listen’, a powerful poetry video for Samaritans Charity Directed by the young promising talent. Her poetry was also featured in Oprah Winfrey’s & Prince Harry’s latest docuseries entitled ‘The Me You Can’t See’.

evie golding
Evie with her “younger self”, Chloe Thomas / @ev_golding

A bit more about Evie:

Evie Golding (born 13th September 1995) is a British Director, Writer, Poet and Actor. Evie’s work advocates for change towards social issues. Tackling mental health most recently directing the Samaritans Campaign video ‘Here To Listen’ written by poet Hussain Manawer in alignment with the one-year UK lockdown anniversary. Evie is also directing an educational BBC Bitesize x Oxford Uni mental health video around loneliness which is soon to be released.

Feeling passionately about the way we raise our next generation, Evie directed, wrote and starred in her short film ‘Little Man’. Addressing the cyclical nature of toxic masculinity on young boys within our society, having guarded over 168,000 views on the short film. Weeks after shooting ‘Little Man’ Evie curated the mental health awareness poetry video ‘WHOLE’ for the mental health organisation #IAMWHOLE, co-directing, writing and performing the piece. She also performed at the Music4MentalHealth event at the Round House alongside Ed Sheeran, James Arthur, Anne-Marie and many more.

evie golding
Evie Golding / @ev_golding

Evie made her debut on national television this year to an audience of 2.5 million viewers on BBC Breakfast the morning of Captain Sir Tom’s funeral, writing and performing the emotive monologue entitled ‘We Salute You’. Continuing credits to her name this year also including; BAFTA, England Rugby and BBC.

Evie is now ready to dive deep into the all so famous phrase “Daddy Issues” by beautifully voicing her own experience in hope that this will start a new conversation around the issues her own generation have developed through growing up with dysfunctional / non-existent father relationships.

Learn more about Evie and follow her work by checking out her Instagram, and remember to give her a well-deserved follow while you’re there. We know there are major things ahead for this talented, brave artist, and we can’t wait to follow along!

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