Eveline’s Single Might be Titled ‘SEXUAL’ – But it’s About the Freedom to Choose Not to Have Sex at All

Meet Eveline, the independent singer from Berlin who’s starting a conversation about sexual self-determination.

Hey, all! We’re in love with the submissions we receive through our Community Contributor page – and too much is never enough! Are you an artist, musician, writer, photographer, journalist, or someone with a story to tell? Well, so is Eveline – and you’re reading about her today because she got into our inbox via our submission form. And you should too! Our door is always open for your beauty, authenticity and creativity. Thanks for adding your awesomeness to our community <3

I know I’m not alone on this one…

Her name is Eveline, and she’s an independent female artist from Berlin who sent us one of her music videos and a few lines about the experiences and thoughts that informed it. She had a strong sense that there were others out there, probably in our Girls Are Awesome community, who would feel themselves reflected in her song – and we think she’s right. That’s why we’re sharing it with you all today:

“I want to share the story behind the release of my song  ‚Sexual‘”, Eveline wrote us. “It’s about ‘non sexuality‘ or being ‚disgusted about sexual intimacy‘, more personally: Me dealing with some trauma from the past… Being ashamed of not saying ‚no’ too many times when someone wanted to become intimate, processing and reflecting on the role I thought I needed to fulfill as woman in society and so on. I know I’m not alone on this one.”

Eveline shares more about her experience with sexuality and non-sexuality on her Instagram, writing that she finished the lyrics for ‚Sexual‘ in January:

Back then I didn’t I quite know if I’m actually bold enough to ever publicly release them. But I had this sound vision in my mind and while putting the pieces together into an arrangement it kind of felt like I could fight my anger and grief about the moments I was being sexualised or brought into situations of sexual expectations against my will with singing (nearly shouting) these lyrics into the microphone.

In a special live performance of ‚Sexual‘, Eveline also discusses the personal meaning behind the song:

We think the video is a visual feast (pun intended!) – but the message it brings with it is pretty timely as well. “Sexual education is so fucking important!” Eveline writes on her Instagram. “And sexual self-determination also means the freedom to choose not have sex at all.”

Let’s normalize these conversations and support everyone’s sexual self-expression, however that manifests for them.


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