Ericka Jane: 16 Quick Q’s for Your New Musical Crush!

Looking for a new musical crush? We got you covered! Meet the Danish pop newcomer Ericka Jane!

Ericka Jane
Ericka Jane // Press

Your new favorite song or lifelong musical crush is always right around the corner, and it’s our job to keep bringing you amazing new tunes and artists with that very goal in mind. That’s why we got in touch with the one and only Ericka Jane!

When half Danish half Filipino singer and songwriter Ericka Jane uploaded a cover of Drake’s “Marvin’s Room” to Youtube at the age of 16, things got pretty wild. The video quickly racked up 100.000 views and that’s a large number – especially if you’re living in a tiny country like Denmark.

Despite Ericka Jane still being in her 20’s, it’s been nine years since the release of the game changing Drake-cover and six years since the release of her debut-EP Favorite Lie. And (excuse the cliché) she sounds better than ever! There’s something calming about infectious pop-tunes like the #1 radio hit single “I Say Stupid Things” and her newest outing “Stranger In The Night” although it instantly makes you wanna get up and dance your troubles away.

We feel like life would be a bit less fun without the sound of Ericka Jane in it which is why she was an obvious pick for our series of 16 Quick Q’s! Read her honest and inspiring answers below while you move your body to “Strangers In The Night”.

Hi, I’m Ericka Jane and I’ve been making music since… I was a kid. In the beginning, I would make up melodies and nonsense lyrics on my way to school, then I would sing covers of my favorite songs and post them on YouTube. Slowly I gained more confidence in myself, and I started participating in singing contests, and shortly joined the school band. It became more serious when I started talking to people in the music industry at around 16, and from there I started my artist journey and released my first piece of music when I was about 19.

I started making music because… I felt quite misunderstood, and misplaced. I was having a tough time dealing with my feelings, and I didn’t really know how else to express myself. I wanted something for my own, and a way to escape. One thing that could always make me in a better mood, or make me reflect, was music. I had always admired how artists could put feelings into words, music and explain complicated feelings so specific. So I wanted to try it out myself – and I just thought the challenge was a lot of fun, and from then I just went with the flow and started loving it.

If I were to describe my music, I’d say it sounds kind of like… a journey of a girl who’s trying to find herself in the pop universe. I’ve been releasing a lot of different types of pop music throughout the years. And It’s just so fun to analyze my older songs and what I was going through at the moment of the release. I’ve definitely found myself for-real and grown a lot in the last couple of years. And I am super proud. If you listen to my newest stuff Ericka Jane sounds
like a fun girl!

I feel the most inspired when… I am going through something that makes my mind spin, and when I’m looking for answers of why I am feeling some type of way. I feel like I’m writing the best songs when they’re sincere, and the only way to make those type of songs is to be honest with yourself.

I’m really proud of… how far I’ve come. Not (only) with my musical development – but on a much more personal level. I feel like I have a lot of good people around me, and I am very lucky and thankful for that. I am happy, which makes me proud, and that’s important.

The first time I heard “Lights Up” by Harry Styles I felt… calm. I was overseas working in Los Angeles at the time Harry released that track. And I was quite stressed, overstimulated and felt my anxiety sneaking back up on me. But this track made me relax, breathe and then dance along.

Ericka Jane

I miss sweating with strangers, make new friends, have drunk conversations over loud music and get lost in the flashing lights. I felt like that had a huge impact on the creation of this song. – Ericka Jane on “Strangers In The Night”

I’ll never forget when… I was six years old and playing at the playground at my school in recess. I was about six years old. My grandmother came to pick me up, and she told me the news that I had become a big sister to a little baby boy. It was like my body just exploded of joy. I was so proud. I ran around the whole school yelling that I had become a big sister and I now had a little brother. I don’t remember my mom being pregnant, or being excited about having a sibling, up until that moment.

When I hear the word “Adobo” it makes me… hungry and my mouth water. It’s a Filipino dish with soy sauce, chili, vinegar, lots of herbs cooked with pork and/or chicken – with a side dish of rice. It also makes me super nostalgic since my mom is Filipino and it reminds me of being comfy on the rainy days in my hometown.

I feel the most empowered when… I’m with people I feel safe with. It’s usually when I’m with my best friends, or boyfriend. But also when I feel comfortable and stylish in my outfit, haha. To top it off, I would combine those things and run to the dance floor having the DJ playing all my favorite tunes.

My latest release is… my new single, “Strangers In The Night” and it’s a bop. What I love most about this song is that it makes me want to go dancing. Not being able to go to the clubs for almost 2 years makes me crave it like crazy. I miss sweating with strangers, make new friends, have drunk conversations over loud music and get lost in the flashing lights. I felt like that had a huge impact on the creation of this song.

Photo: Press

When people listen to my music, I hope they… find comfort, and/or get good associations with it. Imagine someone going: “ah, this song reminds me of the time I met my best friend for the first time” or: “I was going through this shit, but this helped me” 20 years from now. Ugh, goals.

It’s important to empower women because… that’s one of the only things we owe to one another. Women have been held down for so, so long. When your gal-pal supports you, and brings you up, you’re capable of much more. That confidence is essential. We have to talk and speak to other women (and ourselves) like we do to our best girlfriends!

My biggest role models are… Rihanna. If I had to mention anybody. Duh. I’d like to be as much a boss lady as she is. I also really admire different aspects of each of the people I have close by, and their way of doing and viewing things. It inspires me to do better.

Looking back at this time of my life 10 years from now, I’ll remember it being… the time I started being more settled in both life and in my own head and body. It’s not that the anxiety is totally gone, but damn I’m way more chill, happy, and appreciative.

If I met my 14-year-old self I’d tell her… to calm the fuck down. Don’t hurry and worry so much about growing up. But most importantly – always trust your gut feeling, and stay honest to yourself and others. You are a strong girl, becoming a strong woman.

I want you to know that… “I’m a survivor. I’m not gon’ give up. I’m not gon’ stop. I’m gon’ work harder. I’m a survivor. I’m gonna make it. I will survive. Keep on survivin’.” – Destiny’s Child

Ericka Jane
Photo: Press

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