Emina Sonnad’s “Aperol” Proves that Heartbreak During Quarantine is No Match for Female Friendship

What’s one way to get over a breakup? Grab a few close friends and record a music video for your new original song! Emina Sonnad’s music video for her single “Aperol” is a perfect example of going “from feeling so broken to so inspired.”

emina sonnad
Emina Sonnad, photo by Jessica Hoffman

We get a lot of amazing submissions in the Girls Are Awesome inbox (which is always open, by the way – just swing by our Contribute page!), and sometimes they lead to great things! A few weeks ago, we received a mail from our new pal Emina Sonnad, an up-and-coming indie-pop singer-songwriter based in Berlin, Germany, writing to let us know about a heart project of hers from lockdown. She and a few of her close friends were experiencing painful breakups during quarantine, and decided to use that creative energy to make something awesome. Here’s what she had to say:

“This year my best friends and I had our hearts simultaneously broken during lockdown, so we formed a quarantine pod, climbed a mountain, and shot a music video. Our hope was to encourage other women to stand up for themselves, even when their world is falling apart.” Check it out here:

About the production and creative decision-making process, Emina tells us, “The film and music sphere is dominated by men, especially when it comes to financial and creative decisions, so it was such a special feeling to be working with three women who shared the same drive and vision.”

“We wanted to shoot a video that was unapologetically honest about the mental health struggles we face when dealing with a traumatic breakup, especially during a global pandemic,” Emina continued. “None of us had created a video before. In fact, this project started as a joke that quickly spiraled into, ‘wait, we can really do this.'”

Emina had written a song about losing her boyfriend at the start of lockdown. Then Sara (the head of content at a startup) stepped in to handle the creative direction, Jessica (a consultant) is a logistical mastermind (plus a pro at makeup) and Melanie (a screenwriting student at USC) got some amazing shots using just an iPhone and a disposable camera – and the team was all assembled! “We shot it in three days while staying with Jessica’s parents in Switzerland, and I downloaded a 90-day free trial of Final Cut Pro to attempt editing it. Two weeks later, we had our video,” Emina says.

“The reception for this project has been amazing,” she continued. “So many girls have messaged me to say that they went through something similar this year, and quite a few music blogs have picked up the video for review. However, I haven’t had the chance to share the story of how we made this, and I would love to encourage other women to pursue similar creative projects. It was an incredible journey for all of us to go from feeling so broken to so inspired.”

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Aperol Credits:
Director – Emina Sonnad
Production Company – Rat Poet Society
Cinematography – Jessica Hoffmann, Melanie Hoffmann, Sara Ronzero
Hair and Makeup – Jessica Hoffmann
Stylist – Sara Ronzero
Editor – Emina Sonnad
Music Produced and Mixed by Edgar Möller
Music Mastered by Justin Colletti
Special thanks to Rolf and Ronda Hoffmann


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