Elaine Hersby’s Garments, in Action

See Elaine Hersby’s latest collection in movement, juxtaposed by classical and contemporary dance, and collaborating with vegan makeup brand, Gosh.

Elaine Hersby is the Danish clothing brand to watch, making waves with clever collaborations, graceful crescendos and a proclivity for movement and ease of the body which captures a nuanced perspective on the joy of living, femme-styles. The latest campaign brings her urbane signature and relaxed, chic textures to life with the talents of Ida Praetorius, a dancer with the Royal Danish Theater and Jolie, a bomb-AF Parisian contemporary dancer whom Hersby met at a dance battle a year back.

For the makeup in this production, Elaine Hersby aligns with the sustainable, vegan cosmetics brand Gosh. Regarding the campaign, Hersby says:

“For this campaign, we chose to work with two different dancers, to see the vibe between house and ballet. As far as our collab with the cosmetics brand Gosh, we’re interested in the sustainability in the fact that they also produced everything in Denmark. Overall honestly, I’m pretty tired of the traditional fashion vibe, and think there should be some more people who do their own thing without following the rules. Not sure you should mention this, but now you know. *smiles*”

Feast your eyes, and your wallets, if you feel so inclined.