Get your eyes on Elaine Hersby‘s latest collection of goodies! The very talented Copenhagen-based designer’s Autumn/Winter 2019 will make you feel like wearing your favorite blankets out in the real world while looking like a quilted queen. The series together is a big mood – cloaked in fierce drapery and well-picked fabrics, as a whole, it feels like loungy luxury.

At the same time that you want to lay around all day in the designs, you can feel the movement in the clothes; even when the models are stationary, you can almost imagine the pieces walking around and coming to life of their own accord. The techniques she uses are decadent rushing, draping and pleating to create this cozy vibe that still looks chic AF. Catch our conversation with Elaine last week to get a peek into her process and take a look at her latest designs, captured by photographer Sienna Rousseau.

Photos by Sienna Rousseau
Models Josefine Ulrika and Ida Graff
Styled by Sofie Broen
Makeup by Hesho Lasur