Duckface Your Way Through Copenhagen Fashion Week with this Very Picky Guide

Copenhagen Fashion Week always gives us plenty of reasons to drink, dance and pout. Here’s 7 events you’ll see us at.

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Wednesday: Girls Are Talking – Girls Are Awesome X CARCEL 

A talkative fashion event! We proudly present our next Girls Are Talking in collaboration with social fashion brand, CARCEL. We will gather in beautiful surroundings when CARCEL showcases their newly-available collection in Kinfolk Gallery, but the talks aren’t about fashion. It’s about inspiring people. So we invited three strong ladies, Liza Chong, Liane Zimsen Dambo and Mette Ohlendorff to talk about personal experiences and struggles in the line of social work on different levels. Buy tickets here and get free drinks and discount on Girls Are Awesome garb.

Thursday: FLOCK X Noaburo

Japan meets Nørrebro when Flock presents a new Japanese inspired accessory line in streetstyle store Noaburo (Nørrebro in Japanese). Well, I would lie if I didn’t tell you, that my primary reason to attend this is because of the Japanese-style photo booth. Dress up like a true Harajuku-girl and get your Manga-eyes on.


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Thursday: Fashion on a BOAT

Wobble around the Copenhagen canals with Bar Djus x Alice Mag x Best Buds CPH. The pre-party for the main event at Hornsleth bar happens on one of Copenhagen’s well-known canal boats. And everything is just more fun when you’re trapped on a boat with no other option than to just party.

Thursday: Football Tournament a la Wood Wood

Fashion Football Tournament. Oxymoron for decades! But intriguing. In front of RUST, Wood Wood host their 15 year anniversary with a football match for Copenhagen brands, restaurants and magazines. Watch the people from Euroman, Soulland and Osteria 16 sweat while chasing a ball trying to establish their pioneering position in their respective turf.

Friday: Tunnel Party

“The AM CREW host a pop-up shop with drinks and music before this party… in a tunnel – with only red lights”. Sold!


Saturday: TONGA

Mike Skinner with his partner in crime, Murkage, hit Copenhagen for the second time this summer with their club concept TONGA – last time was during Distortion. This Saturday, they are back at RUST as part of the fashion party hosted by Danish brand, Fonda Sublime.  Tickets here.


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Saturday: Sindroms Magazine X Aure Studio

Why run all over town when you can get everything in one place. Sindroms Magazine and Aure Studio host a garment collection-art show-magazine launch event Saturday afternoon with drinks and music within the recognizable walls of VESS Gallery. Both brands have a strong visual expression that underlines the very graphic era we’re in at the moment.


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