Download PennyRapporten (in Danish) and Read About How Gender Diversity Can Impact Your Bottom Line

Last Thursday, we hosted an eye-opening and informative panel debate pivoting around PennyRapporten – a report released by MoneyPenny and GoGetty aimed to get people striving for more diversity in top-level management and C-suites in listed Danish companies.

Download the report here (in Danish): PennyRapporten

In a wide-ranging panel debate, we heard the diverse opinions and experiences of our panel discuss gender quotas, normative structural biases, profit over people, ways in which companies can take steps towards implementing approaches to include a more diverse range of people in their organisations and much more – not to mention the findings of PennyRapporten, which show an increased profit and dividends for Danish-listed companies with a higher percentage of senior female employees or C-suite members. What was apparent, though, was that the report discusses gender in a binary sense, and that was limiting the conversation and essentially excluding genders, a point humbly received and understood.

With new knowledge, varying-opinions and tools in our belt, we progress with the hope PennyRapporten can influence big business, while refining its outlook and breadth for future publications. Our thanks go out to MoneyPenny and GoGetty for the opportunity to host your great event and create a space for these discussions, as well as the insightful and open panel of Niels Filbæk-Jensen, Vigga Svensson, Claus Valentin Hemmingsen, Mursal Khosrawi and Helene Aagaard, and of course the wonderful moderator Trine Askholm, of InnovatorQ.



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