The Dopest Ladies to Catch at Roskilde 2017

Here’s your schedule for this week featuring all performers with vaginas.

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Roskilde Festival 2017 is upon us, and now the time has come to narrow down and prioritize your favorite performers for the following days of nonstop music. In recent years, it has become overwhelmingly apparent that music festivals tend to feature predominantly male rather than female performers. While there are many awesome and talented dudes to see out there in the next few days, we’ve outlined some top notch chicks to pepper into your stacked schedules. Here are our top choices:


Warpaint, 18:00 at Arena

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Shimmy on over to Arena stage on Wednesday to catch this four-piece California gaggle of girls tear it up on the Arena Stage three years after their Roskilde Debut. Their aesthetic is like a grungy yet colorful vibe sandwich, with smooth indie rock sprinkled on top.

Madame Gandhi, 20:00 at Gloria

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Madame Gandhi is a must-see performance. Not only is she talented and versatile as an artist, she is also an activist for women around the globe, partnering with Binti Period and Thinx to provide women in developing countries with feminine hygiene products. She also actively works against stigmas associated with menstruation, perhaps best demonstrated by her bold choice to bleed freely while running the London Marathon in 2015. Catch her Wednesday at 20:00 at Gloria Stage for some rhythmic, progressive alternative vibes.


Sigrid, 12:30 at Arena

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Get yourself sorted bright and early on Thursday and catch this fierce and poppy up and comer from the small town of Ålesund, Norway on the Arena Stage. Her debut single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe” is a formidable pop anthem which sets the tone of her strong, rebellious pop attitude as an artist, backed by punchy lyrics and some surprisingly gritty vocals.

Solange, 19:00 at Arena

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For many years, Solange has hung back while allowing her mega-famous, mega-talented big sister Beyonce grab all the attention. Meanwhile, Solange has been patiently setting the stage for her own extremely captivating and authentic artistic journey, which has lead her to this very poignant place. Her latest album, A Seat at the Table, carved out her own unique artistic spot as a force to be reckoned with in the R&B/future soul scene, which is rapidly expanding.

aYia, 20:00 at Gloria

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After Solange is finished enchanting you with her ethereal R&B vibes, hop on over to Gloria to catch aYia, an intense and somewhat abstract Icelandic pop up-and-comer. Still a developing artist with a strong point of view and only two released singles thus far, we are eager to see what wizardry she will put forth for her debut Roskilde performance on Thursday.


Noname, 14:00 at Apollo

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Fatimah Warner, otherwise known as noname, is a lo-fi, stoop-sitting, soul-infused rapper with crazy amounts of flow. She got her start performing slam poetry in her hometown of Chicago as a teenager, and has expanded her reach to what it is now: universal ups, international tours and numerous features on pal Chance the Rapper’s Grammy-winning album “Coloring Book”.

Karen Elson, 14:15 at Pavilion

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This gorgeous and brooding former model is a bewitching folk singer songwriter chick with mad attitude. Her debut album, The Ghost Who Walks, was produced by her then husband, Jack White, which shows through in the tough rock edge and witchy flair. She has since moved in a solidly folk direction with her 2017 release, Double Roses.

Angel Olsen, 17:00 at Avalon

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Image via RadioUTD

Don’t let her heavenly name fool you; Angel Olsen is far more devilish than she sounds. She’s the rebirth of a 90’s punk rock phenomenon through and through. She received praise most notably for her second studio album Burn Your Fire For No Witness and rebellious tunes like “Unfucktheworld”, released by indie label Jagjaguwar, home of Bon Iver and Unknown Mortal Orchestra. Her latest album, for which she is currently touring, MY WOMAN, rocks heartily as well.

Lorde, 23:30 at Arena

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This alt pop success story needs no introduction. Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, better known by her stage name, Lorde, and her introduction of the strong brow and dark lip back into mainstream culture, is here for her Roskilde debut following her energetic release Melodrama which, it’s safe to say, should make a pretty compelling show. Catch this lovely 20-year-old, Grammy-winning kiwi at 23:30 at Arena Stage.


Black String, 16:30 at Gloria

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If you want to hear something completely new and unfamiliar to you, try the four-piece South Korean progressive jazz troupe, Black String. The group is lead by Yoon-Jeong Heo, who is a master of an enormous instrument called the “geomungo,” a long six-stringed zither. They achieve an other-worldly ambience in their abstract take on traditional South Korean music, which should be an interesting point of view to add to the rest of the more mainstream lineup for Roskilde 2017.

Halsey, 18:30 at Arena

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Halsey rallied a generation with her rough and tired yet polished debut album Badlands in 2015, and brought it yet again with her 2017 album hopeless fountain kingdom. The vulnerability in hit songs like “Gasoline” and “New Americana” which rocketed her to fame as a thoughtful pop goddess has continued over into her new and slightly more daring work.

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