Døde Peters Klub and Bene’s Cozy New Track Will Melt Your Cold, Dead Heart

Even the most cynical of you won't be able to resist the soothing, indie feels of "Be Ur Friend."

Ah, yes, so, topic of the day: feelings. Remember those heart-stirrers that, in your youth, would occasionally make salt water flow from your face and compel you to handwrite elaborate letters to people who actively ignore you in high school? Like, you can probably still remember the days when you could justify listening to Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box like 24 times in a row because NO ONE UNDERSTOOD THINGS LIKE KURT DID. Anyway. The thing is, many of us are in this demented theme park larger society likes to call ADULTHOOD now, and there are no feelings on this sketchy wooden rollercoaster that’s probably on fire, are there? There’s like maybe an angry drunk text sent here and there in a feeble attempt to inject some emblem of honest life into your daily existence, but full disclosure, feelings are limited to being very passionate about your JustEat order or feeling sappy at reruns of Friends. We are Grown Ups now who Pay Rent and Feed Ourselves and Work as Social Media Consultants. Adulthood. ‘Tis a cold, cynical place where joy is a relic of the past.

BUT! Sometimes – SOMETIMES – people create stuff that momentarily makes you forget that feelings aren’t allowed anymore and actually triggers some sort of unfamiliar emotional reaction in you. Today, those people are Døde Peters Klub and Bene, whose new track “Be Ur Friend” is sure to melt your cold, dead heart at least a little bit.

Quick recap: Bene is best known as the drummer in valid Danish grunge outfit Baby in Vain, but also branched out on her own last year as a very promising indeed indie singer songwriter. Døde Peters Klub is described as ‘a collaborative musical project based around the ideas of the Danish and very much alive composer and producer Peter Sejersbøl.’ Mysterious, but yeah. Sejersbøl generally takes a lot of cues from 60s pop music, which happens to be the perfect complement to Bene’s straightforward lyrics and vocal delivery in the track. Throughout the song, her voice (evocative of Connan Mockasin in that nonchalantly crooning way) remains in the forefront as she sings honest and all too relatable musings about lost love. Against that, we’ve got this hazy guitar sort of waltzing through the song and taking you along for a little sway with it. Comfily rolling drums ground the whole thing, and warm bass twangs throughout to layer all this coziness on top of the song.

All in all, the song will definitely remind you of Mac Demarco and a little bit of Ariel Pink, but still stands out on its own because of its sheer emotional resonance. Like, it’s soothing! It’s relatable! It’s catchy! And the feels bit just sort of… creeps up on you! I dunno guys, maybe that bit of ice you’ve hacked into your chest will remain intact after listening to this, that’s cool, but I doubt it. “Be Your Friend” is so cozy, contemplative and universal that it should be, like, a litmus test for our humanity. If this doesn’t make us feel vulnerable and nostalgic and FEELY, then what can!? (Dark note to end on there, so yeah, let’s just say that this track is fantastic and goes well with a fleece blanket on your couch. ENJOY.)