DJ Ina D’s Monday Mix

Ease into another week with the Berlin DJ's Girls Are Awesome mix, full of earthy techno and grooooovy house.

Cover by Rubi Antognini

Whether you’ve spent your weekend glued to your couch bingeing on series/takeout or partying your lil’ buns off in some dank warehouse, I think we can all agree: Mondays are tough. Like, none of us want to actually have to engage our brains and speak to other humans in a coherent manner, but such is life when you have to somehow feed yourself. Anyway, so yeah, Mondays suck, BUT they can suck a little bit less. Enter DJ Ina D: one of our favourite Berlin residents who’s known for blasting melty, moody techno and sizzling house that helps alleviate whatever mental catastrophe you’re going through.

Originally from Austria, Ina started her career in the clubs of Vienna, Tel Aviv, Barcelona, Copenhagen, Paris, Stockholm, Munich and Berlin. She’s dropped a few EPs and since then, she’s settled quite nicely in her signature medley of melodic house and deeeeep, powerful beats. Plus, she’s a streetwear and fashion blogger – the badass kind, not the annoying ‘influencer’ kind – and is an ambassador for the LGBTTIQ+ community. Her whole thing is about giving voice to the underrepresented women in the music business—but also just delivering tasty ear nuggets in the form of Soundcloud mixes.

So if you’re into energy-boosting techno and music that’ll bring back memories of your most glorious nights on the dance floor, give Ina D’s new Girls Are Awesome mix a spin. And keep up with her on Insta for more music and style-based goodness.

Happy Monday!