DJ CrYsTaL Is Back With Your Vitamins For The Day With Her Newest ‘jUiCY MiX’

What’s hard hitting, fruity, refreshing, colourful and full of life? That’s right, it’s DJ CrYsTaL’s newest mix ‘jUiCY MiX’

Get your daily dose of fruit and greens, but more importantly, a dose of DJ CrYsTaL‘s madness and smoothly mixed tracks. Consider this a freshly served frosty glass of fruity flavors, ready to kick some energy into your day.

This tall drink pairs well with dancing in your living room, group dancing though your video-chat-service of choice, or for an energetic dinner cooking session. Drink up!

If you can’t get enough which, umm, we wouldn’t blame you for, then you can catch her previous mix right here!


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