DJ CRI$PY C’s Playlist

Dutch club bangers? French trap? Um, yes please.

There are two types of trap listeners, imo. Type A) the certified trap head, loudly dropping Future references in social settings and hogging every party stereo system to rotate YouTube playlists full of gunshot noises and other beloved qualities that define this genre. Type B) the person who scoffs at anything trap-related in public but secretly almost exclusively rotates secret Spotify playlists full of Gucci Mane and $uicideboy$. Chances are you fall into one of these camps, so it’s your lucky day: Hamburg’s DJ CRI$PY C has put together a playlist for us and it’s absolutely full of tunes you probably haven’t heard but will definitely compel you to contemplate putting on sunglasses inside and investing in an oversized vehicle.

Throughout the playlist, DJ CRI$PY C throws in rowdy French trap, Germany’s hottest new hip hop exports, classic Southern trap auteurs and a whole bunch of other valid hip hop. Some of the songs you’ll vaguely recognize from your latest adventure in some dank club, and some you won’t know but will add to your go-to playlist instantly. And also, who knew Dutch rap could sound this good?!?

Enjoy responsibly (a.k.a. don’t put on sunglasses inside, however much you want to. Trust us from experience.)

Carina aka Cri$py C wears products from the adidas Originals adicolor range