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20 Apr
female djs
Calling all female DJs in Europe - We need you on this track! Take Future Female Sounds' new survey about what it's like to be you, and help them put together the most badass European Female DJ Summit later this year. More
If you are a woman, you have likely spent not an inconsiderable amount of time wondering what is wrong with you. I am here to relieve you of this omnipresent and gnawing uncertainty to tell you that it is everything. To avoid the threat of misunderstanding let me reiterate that the place of women is in the wrong. More
Caroline Henderson, Barbara Moleko, Karen Mukupa, Nabiha and Iris Gold have joined forces to celebrate the history of Black female artists through three concerts in the fall of 2021. But 'Black Voices' is much more than three dates on a venue poster - It's a movement. Join a conversation between the five women and get an understanding of why representation is so damn crucial More

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