Dirt Bikes and Damn Good Dancers Reign in Naomi Pilgrim’s Video for ‘Sink Like a Stone’

We're premiering the latest from the Barbadian-Swedish singer—best described as part political anthem, part ode to reckless riding.

Naomi Pilgrim is a Barbadian-Swedish singer whose soulful vocals and careful medley of electronic and R&B production charmed audiences a few years back, when she dropped her first single, ‘No Gun’. Now, she’s back with a new EP ahead of her—and judging by the lyrics to ‘Sink Like a Stone’, a pretty politically charged message. Amidst a backdrop of screeching dirt bikes, jaw-droppingly flexible dancers and swimming pools, she sings things like ‘I am a brother doing time for someone else’s crimes’—which, according to what she’s told us, is alluding to racial inequality and fear taking the world by storm:

“Sandra Bland died because she was black and knew her rights. European walls are killing people in great despair. All that stuff is ‘Sink Like A Stone’ to me. All the opposing voices speaking up against injustice is ‘Sink Like A Stone’ to me.”

That said, having a political agenda to the lyrics doesn’t mean you can’t have things like sparkly outfits, pink bike helmets and very palatable and classically Swedish icy-sounding electronic production. Basically, ‘Sink Like a Stone’ is a very decent pop song—and it just so happens it’s making a direct statement about the shit in the world, too.