Detour Urban Dance Festival Wants More B-Girls

Get the lowdown on what you can experience at this year’s Detour, including the female B-girl workshop, aimed to increase the number of female B-girls in Denmark.

b-boy | b-girl | Copenhagen

Founded in 2012 and organised solely by Sara Jordan since day-one, Detour Urban Dance Festival runs over several days from September 13-16 and is a celebration of the urban dance environment and dedicated to inspiring new audiences to the scene. With her long history as a choreographer, Sara Jordan is acutely aware of the, let’s call them, gaps in the culture. Noticing a distinct lack of female B-girls in Denmark, she has set out to change that at this year’s festival by bringing in a handful of international role models to host a workshop for girls and women interested in learning about the genre. Learn more about that workshop on the Detour site.

Jump through to the Detour Festival website to get yourself acquainted with which shows you’ll be attending.

b-boy | b-girl | Copenhagen
B-girl VicVersa from Canada.
b-boy | b-girl | Copenhagen
B-girl VicVersa with her crew Tentacle Tribe from Canada.
b-boy | b-girl | Copenhagen
Marikken from Norway is giving a Hip Hop class on Sunday the 16th of September at Street Mekka Game

b-boy | b-girl | Copenhagenb-boy | b-girl | Copenhagen

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