Dakota Jones: 16 Quick Q’s for Your New Musical Crush!

Looking for a new musical crush? We got you covered! Meet the NYC 4-piece Dakota Jones!

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Dakota Jones // PRESS

Your new favorite song or lifelong musical crush is always right around the corner, and it’s our job to keep bringing you amazing new tunes and artists with that very goal in mind. That’s why we got in touch with the one and only Dakota Jones!

If you forgot what groove means or feels like, just put on Black Light, the debut record by the NYC 4-piece Dakota Jones. The 11-track album might sound like something that could have come out decades ago but it still feels both modern and extremely relevant today. With hints of rock, jazz, blues, funk and soul It offers a timeless and organic alternative to the electronic based charts and make you wanna dance the pain away on a sunny day in the city.

If you’re already a lyrics-kind-of-type it’ll feel natural for you to pay attention to the words coming from lead vocalist Tristan Carter-Jones. But if you’re not, try to listen close anyways as the album’s message of proud Black heritage and triumphant queerness is one for everyone to hear! Carter-Jones is not afraid of diving headfirst into some of life’s most innate emotions as she challenges the norms of themes such as femininity, sex, love and adulthood throughout the record. In a press release, she’s previously stated:

– I’m a black, queer woman expressing myself through love and music. Some folks still find that to be a transgressive act in and of itself. I work to fight that idea. I write a lot about my sexuality and the ways in which I express it. Songs about sex and love bounce back and forth between songs about heartache, hangovers and self-medication, and the pleasure and pain of truly finding yourself. I don’t think we get to hear these things from a woman’s mouth as often as we should.

Besides from Tristan Carter-Jones, The Brooklyn outlet is made up of bassist Scott Kramp, drummer Steve Ross, and Randy Jacobs on guitar, and we’re pretty excited to have caught up with the rising act so we can all get to know them a bit better. Check out their reply to our 16 quick questions while you listen to the 11 incredible tracks on Black Light.

Hi, we’re Dakota Jones and we’ve been making music as a band since… 2015, but as individuals just about forever.

We started making music because… it just happened naturally one day. We were jamming together and suddenly a song appeared, and we realized that that was what we were supposed to be doing.

If we were to describe my music, we’d say it sounds kind of like… part blues part soul part funk part rock part lemonade on a hot day.

We feel the most inspired when… things are flowing naturally, and nothing is forced.

We’re really proud of… our debut album Black Light.

The first time we heard “The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin, we felt… like our worlds had been turned over and flipped inside out, in the best possible way.

We’ll never forget when… we saw Andre 3000 jamming in our rehearsal space on the Lower East Side in New York City – you can recognize that voice from 1000 miles away.

When we hear the word boogie it makes us… giggle.

We feel the most empowered when… we’re covered in glitter, taking down a stage on a Saturday night in the city.

Our latest release was “Lord Please” and it’s… a prayer to soothe anxiety and all the wild voices in your head.

When people listen to our music, we hope they… feel something, and feel at home.

It’s important to empower women because… empowering women empowers the world.

Our biggest role models are… people who are relentlessly themselves.

Looking back at this time of our lives 10 years from now, we’ll remember it being… absolutely wild.

If we met our 14-year-old selves we’d tell them… to buckle up for an insane ride, and never ever ever ever quit.

Anything else you want us to know? Just thank you so much for your time, and for having us! We hope to be able to come over and play for you sometime very soon!

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