‘Cuz I Luv You’, And Why LIZZO Is A True Joy

This thicc goddess is breaking down barriers in the music industry and beyond with bold beauty and crazy talent.

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If you haven’t heard the gospel on Lizzo, dive right on in to her phat gal queendom and watch her sashay her way to fame, all the while encouraging other people to embrace their power and do the same. While many media forums or similarly opinionated outlets will try to label her body-positive presence as “brave”, what she’s really doing is just being herself. She’s living her best life in the body she’s in, and yes, she’s rocking the hell out of it. Despite the fact that her owning her power as a thick black woman and encouraging others to do the same is actually part of a radical movement due to the systematic body-shaming of women in various ways throughout history, her badass steeze is not her biggest accomplishment.

You might remember her viral #fluteandshoot shenanigans from this past summer, which started from a live show during her US tour, where naturally she showcased her impressive classically trained flute skills and some equally bangin’ dance moves. It sparked a trend where people from all over created videos of themselves dancing, twerking or otherwise getting loose to the epic two minute tune. In classic Lizzo style, it ended up being an inclusive love-fest where people of all shapes, colors and sizes were able to bust a move, be themselves and feel fly in the process.

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Still, Lizzo continues to bring the heat with her powerful musicianship, hell yes to all the rebels and overall infectious energy. Lizzo’s latest album has all of these elements: Cuz I Love You dropped this month and hit number one in the US, even beating out Beyonce’s HOMECOMING: THE LIVE ALBUM. I mean… She literally beat Beyonce… *hair flip*. Beyond the general clout of this huge achievement, the album itself is filled with the same big dick energy that Lizzo embodies in her day to day life. Just jump into her Insta feed for ten seconds and feel your confidence levels rise with her decadently empowered lifestyle. Last week, she literally got her hair done on Jimmy Kimmel Live:

There are so many powerful moments throughout the album, from the first hair-raisingly hot track, “Cuz I Love You”, the eternal classic, “Juice”, to the self-love anthem, “Soulmate”, it’s a rich and fiery ascent (or descent depending on your view) into Lizzo’s saucy bad girl paradise. There’s no shortage of girl power vibes in the form of songs like “Like A Girl” and a nasty collab with her idol, “Tempo (feat. Missy Elliott)”. Once you come down from the energy of this outspoken album, bring it all back with this vintage Lizzo interview from the early days to get her down-to-earth yet profound perspective on life and celebrating yourself in all facets.

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