Photos From Girls Are Awesome x Made in Space

Our session of speeches at Space10's new future-forward festival featured three passionate speakers, a lot of wide-eyed people and even staring contests. Enjoy.

Last weekend, we had the pleasure of hosting a speaker series at Made in Space, Copenhagen’s new festival/conference/lab focused on finding solutions for a sustainable future. Throughout the sunny afternoon, Sherin Khankan told us about Islamic feminism and what it’s like to be Denmark’s first female imam; Britt Wray weighed the pro’s and con’s of the de-extinction movement, making us question the point of trying to bring back the woolly mammoth in the first place; and Claire Woodcock illuminated the creepy and subtle ways our favourite social media networks create echo chambers, swaying our perception of reality as well as political outcomes (see: Brexit.)

Our fave photographer, Abdellah Ihadian, captured some of the highlights—including staring contests, passionate speaking moments and general good vibes from the crowd and the festival.

Enjoy, and keep your eye out for our next speaker series.