Is the Sexism in Blade Runner 2049 Justified?

The film portrays a dystopia which treats women like trash. Thing is, it's not too far of a stretch from what's going on today.

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Instagram Account of the Week: badddates

Let's dive into a pool of awful Tinder pickup lines, shall we?

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How Millennial Pink Became the Colour of the Genderless Revolution

For decades, pink reinforced archaic gender norms and femininity. Now, things couldn't be more different.

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Girls and Gear With Tattooist Simone Klimmeck

She just opened up her own tattoo studio in the heart of Berlin, so we asked her about her fave pieces of gear you'll find inside.

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Five Organizations to Donate to on International Day of the Girl

Reproductive justice, legal activism and teaching girls to code—here's where you should donate to put your money where your mouth is.

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Photos from Girls Are Talking: You Do You

See what went down at our latest Girls Are Talking session, featuring feminist filmmaker Lea Glob and transgender model Ivy September Rosenauer.

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Sick of Perfect Moms on Instagram? Do Yourself a Favor and Go Follow “Mothers Meeting” Instead

We talked to Jenny Scott, founder of event company and brand Mothers Meeting, about staying sane in a sea of impossibly idyllic moms dominating social media.

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Laura Kaczmarek’s Guide to the Best of Tel Aviv

From rowdy Latin parties to platters of exquisite mediterranean food, here's what you should do in the Israeli city.

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Our Picks for CPH PIX

From feminist, Indonesian thrillers to classically French character studies, here are the films you should see at this year's festival.

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