Crista Leonard Is As Down-To-Earth As It Gets

Another “As Seen By Her” highlight, this Andorran/British photographer talks about enjoying beauty in the mundane, Queen Elisabeth I and challenging the view of women as emotionally unstable.

We at Girls Are Awesome are proud to present yet another instillation in our virtual love-fest with As Seen by Her, another beautiful platform which celebrates modern women with honest and intelligent perspectives to share. Seeing is believing.

Here’s a brief look into the narrative of London-based photographer Crista Leonard. In a candid feature, she talks about her journey to find herself as a person through the challenges of her profession, finding the beauty in the mundane and why Queen Elisabeth I was important to her upbringing. You can read the full versions of all interviews on

Words by Crista Leonard

I’m Crista Leonard, 34 years old, and I’m a mongrel of nationalities although I predominately identify myself as Andorran/British. I’m a photographer, which scares me as a career choice because it’s so mutable and you have to learn to stay very true to yourself and constantly be open to developing and maturing… So it’s a very personally challenging career choice because you’re so easily distracted by what’s fashionable and what the client wants. It’s a constant struggle to learn who you are, how you perceive the world and what’s important to you. I find the pressure makes me want to disappear from time to time and I’ve now learned to do that when I feel that the pressure becomes overwhelming. It helps gather my thoughts and feel sane.

My ambition is to enjoy life, to see the beauty in the mundane and the extraordinary in the extraordinary. Experiences and people drive me. I’m fascinated by how we think, how our upbringings and experiences shapes us and who we might be if we were stripped of those things. I’m fascinated by the stories that are excluded from the greater historical narrative and our relationships with and understanding of the unexpected.

I am very impressed by Sally Potter and as a child, I adored Elisabeth I. I don’t think I really knew why, but as an adult, I just love that she defied the concept of the ‘princess’ all us little girls grow up with. She was the sole monarch and she was phenomenal! To this day she challenges the views people have of women not being leaders or not being emotionally stable. As an only child, I was very much brought up in a way that made me feel like I had all the opportunities that men do. It’s only as an adult that I’ve realized what the reality is for a lot of people.


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