Collaboration Nation – These New Zealand Ladies Know What’s Up

Theia partners with fashion phenomenon Tia Feng and photographer/filmmaker Frances Carter to make a fire music video for “BYE BYE”. Tune in for fresh-to-death female vibes.

In the current cultural climate, now more than ever, it is vital for artistic ladies to support one another in their creative endeavors. New Zealand ascending pop royalty, Theia, definitely got the memo. In the wake of her latest release, a bombastic and uplifting adieu to haters called “BYE BYE”, she enlisted a dream squad of amazing women to help produce a vivacious and memorable music video.

This video is the product of an energetic and smooth collaboration between fellow female creatives. In the video, Theia is featured wearing the delectable designs of Chinese-born New Zealand-raised designer Tia Feng, a fresh talent and an indulgently dreamy yet well-thought-through point of view in fashion. The badass clothing Theia wears in the shoot, as much as the song “BYE BYE” and the music video alike, are about being unapologetic, sassy and — as cliche as it may sound — saying “fuck you” to the haters. What is undeniably refreshing about the finished product, beyond the immense talent of Theia herself, is the purity and productivity of the all-female collaboration.

One thing is for sure: when women collab, good vibes abound. Feng said of working with Theia: “She is a fresh, fresh talent with a strong individualistic vision and super sweet heart. Hands down one of the most authentic personalities I’ve met in the industry, and such a perfectionist–she is a wholly dedicated artist to her vision, and I applaud her for it. It was unreal to have someone vibe with my vision to this level, and I am so grateful there is another soul out there who vibes this as much as I do!”

The video is shot and directed by Frances Carter, yet another talented Kiwi lady whom Theia identified from the beginning as an ideal collaborator. Theia mentioned her absolute delight with the experience: “They were such an amazing group of women to work with – all of them the best in their respective fields. It’s quite a different experience working with an all-female crew – being an artist on a shoot is quite a vulnerable position to be in and I’ve had some uncomfortable experiences in the past. On this shoot I felt so supported.” Here’s to even more female energy infiltrating and invigorating the creative industries one music video at a time.


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