Watch New York-Based Artist Sarah Meyohas’ Outlandish Film “Cloud of Petals”

Beauty lies somewhere between a discussion and a monologue.

Investigating the relationship between artificial and existing beauty, New York-based artist Sarah Meyohas has created her first large-scale exhibition at Red Bull Arts New York, which opened just yesterday.

As a part of this project, Meyohas also documented the whole process and combined into a form of film. Sixteen men were asked to pick ten rose petals from each flower given, with the idea of finding the most ‘beautiful’ ones. These flower petals were later analysed in order to obtain the look, shape and general appearance of these pieces to further try and generate a perfect, digital replica of the flower petals.

Both digital and physical data sets were created, including 100,000 rose petals purposefully and carefully picked out over the course of four days.

Questioning our perception about the meaning of beauty in the film, Mayohas coaxes us into thinking about the transformation of beauty—how nowadays, we enhance it into perfection while we distort its real-life allure. Much like the modelling industry, the film shows that only the most ‘perfect’ petals are chosen.

The artist has definitely left a lot of space for one’s own interpretation of the subject and what beauty means to you. Luckily, if you won’t be able to check out the exhibition, you can watch a special cut of the full film on NOWNESS.

Cover image by Format Magazine


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