Chelsea McMullan Explains Why We Can’t Stop Checking Each Other Out

Guess what? Checking out other girls’ outfits is good for you!

In some ways, women dress more for other women more than they do for men. In fact, our gaze and admiration towards other females is present in most everyday scenarios. For most women, admiring each other is something we do so subconsciously,  we don’t even realize how many times we accidentally glance in other women’s directions, or why we do it.

In her new film, filmmaker Chelsea McMullan takes us through that process of comparison, admiration, inspiration and curiosity that we go through in our everyday lives. “The Way We Dress – When Women Look At Other Women On The Street” follows all sorts of women on the streets of Toronto, McMullan’s hometown. All the while, four female directors narrate the film—sharing their very relatable thoughts about our fascination with how other women dress, look and carry themselves.

Receiving compliments from other women, and especially strangers, is an intangible satisfaction and can come in different shapes and sizes. Whether it’s getting stopped on the street to get the question of “excuse me, do you mind telling me where you got that?” or swapping drunken compliments in a bar bathroom, we’ve all experienced those situations: appreciating others and receiving the same appreciation back. Though these interactions are fleeting, they still manage to create a satisfying connection and a sense of togetherness—all from a small thing like admiring another woman’s outfit. For something that takes no more effort than just speaking your mind, that sounds like a pretty good deal—and luckily, that’s what Chelsea McMullan is here to remind us of.


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