Check out the visual side to KAMARA’s latest single ‘Don’t Call My Name’

KAMARA turns up the sass in the brand-new video for newly released single “Don’t Call My Name”.

“Don’t Call My Name” was the demo that put KAMARA’s name on the Norwegian music map in 2019. It was played on the national radio station NRK P3 – which also shortlisted her for ‘unsigned act of the year’ – and got her booked for Vill Vill Vest festival and Øyafestivalen. In 2020, she signed with Sony Music Norway, released her debut single (“20 Something”) and played by:Larm in Oslo – one of the most important meeting points for the (Scandinavian) music industry. 

Although lots of new music is in the making and you could argue that “Don’t Call My Name” already did its part, it was important to the 22-year old singer and songwriter to release it properly. “This song has been so important to me, so giving it an official release was my number one priority,” she explains. The tune was released as an official single on May 1.

It’s a retro-tinged pop tune with an equal amount of vulnerability and sass about a timeless topic – love. “Don’t Call My Name is a song about being all in, or all out when it comes to love” KAMARA says. “When it comes to love, half-hearted just doesn’t cut it.”

And now the tune has a video that offers a visual side to just that – a relationship falling apart because it’s not a wholehearted one. But this is not the standard ‘crying in the rain while your love walks away from you’ kind of video. It’s as sassy and confident as KAMARA herself and leaves you with a smile on your face.

The video is the result of a close collaboration between KAMARA and director Peter Bruteig Henriksen and was filmed very recently, during the Corona-crisis. This meant that everyone had to stay at least one meter apart the entire time and that the initial plan of a big crew was scrapped. But that didn’t make it any less fun to make.

“When it comes to love, half-hearted just doesn’t cut it.”

The team I worked with was amazing and we had a blast filming the video,” says KAMARA and highlights her favorite scene: “The dancing on the balcony. So glad the sun came out and did its job on the day of the shoot, even if it was surprisingly hot for spring in Norway!”

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