Catch Anelogi At A Soulful Summer Concert In Copenhagen

Meet Anelogi who introduces a new sound of modern and melodic soul music all written by pianist, composer and singer Anne Geertsen.

Strong and sensitive at the same time, Anelogi invites her audience on a personal journey with songs that poetically challenge, caress, question and embrace the diversity of life. A universe created from experiences and considerations that are seen heard and felt through a curious heart.

Anelogi has just released the first single ‘River Still Runs Deep’ from her second EP, Wisdom Of The Heart. This song takes you from below the surface of the water into the endless energy and lightness of the sky. 

Her next single will be out August 28th and is a dedication to the importance of female friendships. Until then, let yourself and your on emotions go and take a ride with Anelogi in the dadaistic universe of this oneiric video and the few words we had the chance to exchange with her

Hi Anne, When did you realise that being an artist was something you were attracted to? 

I’ve always been attracted to music and working with music was a dream that I’ve had since I was quite young. I didn’t really know what it would be like, but I think I was too curious, not to give it a try. I don’t recall a specific situation or memory of knowing that this is what I have to do. And though it can be challenging sometimes, I’ve never regret making the decision to become a musician. It has given me a lot of experiences that I wouldn’t want to be without.

I’m not sure if I consider myself an artist though. It’s a big word. Music is very much about craftmanship. It takes a lot of practice and work to get a taste of the magic. But when you’ve once had that, you’re always hungry for more.

Let’s talk about your new single and music video ‘River Still Runs Deep’’ where you take us on this beautiful healing journey through your lyrics. Putting yourself out there, does it make you heal through your music? What’s the story behind the tune?

Writing and composing for me is a lot about understanding myself, my surroundings and absorbing life. Writing, performing and listening is definitely healing for me. I find a lot of encouragement, insight and motivation in other peoples music, so if people can find the same in mine, I’m very grateful.

‘River Still Runs Deep’ is about sensing the resonance of my roots after feeling emotional far away. The first lines appeared on the way back from a gig in Jutland where I’m from. I had just come out of a long term relationship and I wasn’t exactly feeling my best. But this trip gave me a sensation of belonging, which lit the fire to move on, find myself again and write a song about it. Sometimes it can seem that the force within us is distant. It may run still, but it runs deep.  

Artwork by Lasse Snorgaard

What are you striving for in the songs that you write? Do you have a message you want to get out through your music to women around the globe?

I definitely strive for honesty. The more honest we dare to be, the better we can understand, encourage and learn from ourselves and each other. Dare to be open and life will give and teach us a lot of interesting stuff.

What normally makes you get back in the studio – good vibes, a heartbreak or just life in general? 

I’ve been lucky to find a very skilled and committed producer. Working with him in the studio is very fulfilling, so it’s only a question about time and money to get in the studio. When it comes to writing and composing, it normally starts when my heart and mind is full of something that I want to dissolve, preserve or get a better understanding of.

What’s up next – any new projects in the magic dream machine? 

I’m gonna release my next single in end of August and just started working on the video for that. I cannot share a lot of details yet, but it’s gonna be a very special video to me, showing the importance of some of the most precious female friends I have in my life.

Picture by Andrea Peller

Finally, what’s your advice to women and girls in the music industry, or just in general?

To support rather than compete with each other. It’s much more fun and satisfying. Share both challenges and victories, to learn from, motivate and encourage each other.

It’s a privilege to work with music or art in general, you can meet a lot of inspiring people and get access to intense experiences, but it also takes a lot of courage and trust in our selves, which we sometimes have and sometimes haven’t got. There’s no right way to do it, we all have to find our own path. But sharing and caring about both the ups and downs, can make us and our journey richer. 

Catch her soulful tunes and get your festival vibes on this Thursday 9/7 where Anelogi has been invited to play at Gaffadk ‘s Campingscene 7 pm, as a part of Summer in Den Grønne Kødby in Copenhagen. Live music and streetfood you say! Defo sounds a bit like a festival to us 🙂 

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