Carina Lue a.k.a. DJ CRI$PY C Loves Lil B, Good Vibes and Crispy Chicken

We had a quick chat with the Hamburg-based DJ about the based god, getting into DJing and other random stuff.

Whether you’re into sizzling French rap, dirty AF Southern rap, reggaeton that makes you go woah or smooth old school hip hop vibes, Carina Lue aka DJ CRI$PY C‘s got you covered. The Hamburg-based, self-proclaimed crispy chicken fan has been honing her skills as a DJ for the past few years, particularly through the label she runs with Asadjohn a.k.a. one of Hamburg’s most well-known hip hop producers. adidas Originals x Girls Are Awesome have been working with her over the past month or so as Carina and her girl Xuli opened up a new club in Hamburg called ‘Chains’, dedicated to all things trap; with that in mind, we thought it would be a good idea to have a quick chat with her about early hip hop memories, guilty pleasures and chicken.

GIRLS ARE AWESOME: Hey, Carina. What are some of your first memories of getting into hip hop/trap?

Carina Lue: I was always into hop hop/trap so I don’t remember a specific moment or a beginning. But the first event with this kind of sound was “Daaamn Son” in the Hamburg club Hafenklang. For me, this was the first cultural event in Germany where people would actually meet up for this kind of music.

How did you start DJing?

I was always surrounded by a lot of DJ’s and musicians and at some point I felt like there should be more events from specific types of music, like French rap. Also I’d just discovered afrotrap, whi was a big trigger for me. I simply wanted to hear this rap music in combination with other music in more clubs; after a while, producer & DJ Asadjohn and I started with our project/label “1 Night in Paname.” When I was just starting to play and organize events, I didn’t even know where the play button on the cdc was! But learning by doing is a very nice and exciting thing, so I learned in the clubs while playing.

Your spin an eclectic mix of stuff, from reggaeton to dirty South to French trap. Considering that combo, what kind of vibe do you tend to try to create with your DJ sets?

Positive vibes! I try to include new and unknown things and make them work in a club context. If there is something new and I like it, I just drop it and see how it works. I try to create a good energy, of course.

Who would you cite as your three biggest influences?

Three is a hard number, so I just can name the based god: Lil B!

What do you have on repeat right now?

13 Block, La Goony Chonga, Haiyti, 102 Boyz, Brazilian Music, Baile Funk.

Ultimate guilty pleasure song?

I don’t feel guilty:)

How important is collaboration to you?

Collaboration is life!

What do you think differentiates German trap from the rest? (Other than the language, of course.)

I don’t really try to separate things when it’s not about an interest in (different) languages. I just listen to some German trap, mostly from my friends, so I can’t talk about the whole thing because I don’t have a sense of what or how big it is. I try more to catch the mood, the aesthetic or symbols/pictorial things and the style.

What are your three best traits and your three worst?

The Aries horoscope knows!

Do you have a go-to crispy chicken recipe, and if so, can you tell us what it is?!?!

Thanks, Carina.