Calling All Writers! is Empowering Female Writers Through Comedy and Fearlessly Creating Your Own Opportunities

“Listen girl – people going to judge your story anyways, why not at least write it?”

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Nikki Frias is a writer and the creator of, a website dedicated to the empowerment and publishing of women writers through comedy. The once comedian and actress quickly realized she wasn’t about the life of auditioning and open mics, and slowly transitioned to writing. Surprisingly, after getting a lot of “no’s” she started to notice her true passion and the “why” came after people embraced her humor towards getting shit done. 

That’s right – no fluff, just real.

“I just noticed how hard it was to build a portfolio and have the opportunity to pitch without any response. So, I created it.” 
– Nikki Frias –

For those unfamiliar with the writing world, pitching ideas, freelancing and finding inspiration don’t coincide. After years of trying to break into the writing industry, the typical “Thanks but no thanks” got old and eventually turned to silence. The angst of waiting to hear back turned into disappointment and eventually an insecurity. We’ve all had that one moment when someone critiqued, edited or made a comment about a written piece that made us question why we were doing it in the first place. So, what do you do when you see something missing in your own writing experience; an opportunity or even a chance?


…Not to be too aggressive, but you create what you seek! And that’s where comes from.

“The table is big enough for everyone to eat.”

The evolution of started as a personal comedy blog to now a publishing platform for women to share their work, and build a portfolio. No ifs, ands, or buts! Additionally, they promote women writers, creatives and everything in between through comedy. Between the Regular Degular Horoscopes, monthly pitches with “Pitch Please” and Shout out Saturday, is creating a community of kick ass women that want a seat at the table – and an extra chair for their friend!

…and if you don’t know, now you know…

As for the future, intends to continue the journey of reaching people through storytelling and breaking the mold of writing expectations – yes, we are talking to you! Care to be a part of the tribe? Send your pitches to! 

If anything, check us out and see what we mean through our Instagram and Facebook, and be sure to subscribe to our monthly newsletter! We promise to make you laugh and remind you how dope you truly are.

female writers | girl tell me | girltellme

Nikki Frias currently writes for Forbes Life and most recently was published in the Daily Beast. Aside from promoting women, she also has her own funny advice column called “Girl, Bye: The Advice Column” featured on’s Newsletter “Small Talk.” She can be reached with any questions on Girltellme_dotcom’s instagram, all she asks is you don’t bring no negative shit- haha.


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