Blod Sved og Piger (Blood, Sweat and Girls)

Danish NGO GirlTalk is here to provide support for the period-having population when it comes to maintaining balance in daily life.

While the world turns and seasons change, it is no silent secret that the taboo on the female body when it comes to menstruation is alive and well and can become an impediment, IRL around the world. When it comes down to addressing this influence on daily life in Denmark, the fully volunteer-based online community GirlTalk has stepped up as a consistent resource to field questions from young women who need answers. Particularly when it comes to action-based sports and activities, the reality is that even in a progressive society, women’s participation starts to falter right around the time of puberty.

GirlTalk took the steps to “hack” a sex education class in Denmark to have a conversation with 7th grade students about the reality of their bodily changes and active sports. Although not every girl has a monthly period, the stigma persists in general terms and the necessary care can be jarring at first, especially when it comes to balancing other responsibilities or commitments at this age.

“The dream is to make sure that all young girls feel they have a place to find answers to their many questions and feel welcome in the world of sports. Of course, by opening up the conversation with Belong, we were confirmed that there are a lot of ways into this conversation, but starting with deflating the taboo around periods in the world of sports, because we believe we can make a difference here.”

Nicola Voss, GirlTalk

“We know that sport is super important for young girls and especially during this period of life. It helps to get easier through PMS and period pains, but also to build a strong character. A message our four female sports heroines can relate to and said yes to share and co-create with no hesitation.”

Anna Bjerre, GirlTalk 

GirlTalk is completely run on a volunteer basis, visit their website to see how you can get involved in supporting the newly menstruating community of young women and providing insight at a critical time in personal development for half of the population.


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