The Women of “Black Voices – A Tribute” on Why Representation Matters

Caroline Henderson, Barbara Moleko, Karen Mukupa, Nabiha and Iris Gold have joined forces to celebrate the history of Black female artists through three concerts in the fall of 2021. But ‘Black Voices’ is much more than three dates on a venue poster – It’s a movement. Join a conversation between the five women and get an understanding of why representation is so damn crucial

Caroline Henderson, Nabiha, Barbara Moleko, Maren Mukupa & Iris Gold by Lasse Lagoni

In September 2021, five incredible Danish artists will share the stage for three unique concerts in Copenhagen and Aarhus to pay tribute to the history of Black female artists. The concerts are called ‘Black Voices – A Tribute’, but could just as well have been called ‘From Billie Holiday to Beyoncé’ (to quote the initiator of the concept, Caroline Henderson, in this interview) cause it’s about celebrating, honoring and remembering all the Black women who wrote history with their music centuries ago, as well as the artists who are still changing history with their art today.

We invited Caroline Henderson, Barbara Moleko, Karen Mukupa, Nabiha and Iris Gold to a Zoom call to talk about the concept behind Black Voices – A Tribute. It’s an open conversation between five women who share experiences of being stigmatized, tokenized and victimized in the greater society as well as in the music industry that they’ve all bee a part of for years. The talk touches upon topics such as media representation, systematic racism and representation and why it’s so important for a concept like this to take place in a country like Denmark.

“Often, it’s like there’s only one of us that’s allowed to be in the forefront, you know… One Black girl at a time, it seems. And that’s why this is so important. Because no, it doesn’t have to be like that. We can all be here and we’re not the same person, even though often when we walk down the street, people mistake us for each other. So it’s really nice to stand here together with all of you guys and show how different Black women can be.” – Iris Gold

If you live in Denmark, you can experience Black Voices – A Tribute at the following dates:

17.09.21: Copenhagen, DR Concert Hall
18.09.21: Copenhagen, DR Concert Hall
22.09.21: Aarhus, Musikhuset Aarhus


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