Awkward, Awesome or Absurd Stories From Roskilde Festival 2018 Part II

Everyone has a favorite Roskilde Festival story that is absolutely absurd, mind-blowingly awesome or cringe-worthily awkward. We found some brave girls who were willing to share theirs.


Glitter filled parties, hilarious moments of regret, leopard unitard crews and performances that shake you to your core are only a few of the highlights of this year’s Roskilde Festival. But there are 47 years’ worth of stories, so we decided to go around and dig for treasure.



Nanna & Muggie

We are doing the graffiti workshop. Last year was my first year, and Muggie’s 25th year here. At some point she was really drunk, and she was hugging this pole and did not want to let go. We were dying laughing. Later we figured out that she is the same age as my mom and yet we are best friends. This is our story. Maybe the point is that Roskilde is a place where you can find weird and wonderful friends that you wouldn’t meet at home. No matter what your background, you just have a very good time here and you can take it home.



This year, we saw this guy who went to the toilet with an open door and he was kind off sleeping there… but then he wiped himself and got out. We thought maybe it was because he was too drunk and did not notice the open door. A couple of hours later, he came back and did exactly the same. So weird.



Last year, I worked at the festival and had access to the Media City as well, because I was working backstage. I met a very famous Danish handball player and before knowing who he was, I went up to him and told him that he had a really cool jacket on and asked where it was from. I looked up (he is super tall), and he just said to me “who do you think you are?”

I was surprised, but later on he got so drunk in such a short amount of time that his two friends disappeared and left him with me for 3 to 4 hours. He was so drunk that I could not leave him alone. He was very drunk and very horny and kept whispering all the things he wanted to do to me and how he wanted me to go back to his hotel. I just wanted him to be put in a cab and sent home. I think he finally was driven home by the police…



A girl in our camp two years ago was having sex with a boy over in their camp and when they were finished, all the boys were clapping and yelling “Go girl! Go boy! Go go!!” It was embarrassing for the girl to do the walk of shame, but for the guy it was just normal. I feel like there’s a double standard there but it was still pretty funny.


Annika + friend

We were at a concert and apparently this guy from our group was a bit drunk and wanted to pee. The concert was about to start, and he could not hold it in any longer, so he peed in a cup instead of going to the toilet. Afterwards he just threw it the other way… It was very awkward, and I think he has probably done it again since!



I met a guy, he started dancing with me and tried to kiss me. I did not want to kiss him. Then I asked if he wanted to go out and smoke a cigarette and he said, “yeah if you kiss me first.” I said I wouldn’t kiss him and he said “ok, we can smoke a cigarette.” I went to tell my friend that I was going out for a smoke and when I came back he was gone…



Last year at Roskilde Festival I saw Solange and it was this very beautiful experience. Because she is so cool and she has a really important message. I was right in the front, because I was sitting in the queue for 4 hours and it was so beautiful. I was crying, it was amazing.



Two years ago, at RF after a concert we really had to pee, and the toilet line was so long that we decided to just go in front of everyone. We were just five girls, all lined up peeing and we did not care. We just had to pee.

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