Awkward, Awesome or Absurd Stories From Roskilde Festival 2018 Part I

Roskilde Festival is home to many strange and wonderful memories. We found some brave girls who were willing to share theirs.

awkward | concert | dating

Written by Iliana Papargyri

Glitter filled parties, hilarious moments of regret, leopard unitard crews and performances that shake you to your core are only a few of the highlights of this year’s Roskilde Festival. But there are 47 years’ worth of stories, so we decided to go around and dig for treasure.

awkward | concert | dating


One time, I was at this concert and I really wanted to pee. I was with this group of guy friends, so what they did was form a circle around me so that I could pee and one of them said “just don’t let the pee get to me.” Well, the pee went exactly his way. It was so awkward…

awkward | concert | dating

Girl crew

We got up the other day super hungover and attended this community fine dining breakfast. The servants were going around with these funny hats and we had all sorts of crazy organic food. We were eating with 2000 strangers and singing “my bonnie lies over the ocean”. It was an awesome experience. Very cute!

awkward | concert | dating


The other day I got really cold at night so I got a shirt from somebody and I gave him my phone. Well, I was so drunk that I couldn’t find the camp the next day… so I lost my phone but at least kept the shirt and I did not get cold. Hopefully he is a good person and will give my phone to the lost and found.

awkward | concert | dating

Marie and a friend of hers

It was during the warm up days – we were all partying hard at the camp and of course after a few days, the peeing fence was super disgusting with so much mud and pee. One night, a friend of mine went to pee and unfortunately she fell backwards into what was 15cm of pee mud, and in that drunken moment she started to cry about it and she was so disgusted that she ordered a guy from the camp that was close to her, to pull her pants up. And the poor, half naked, super shy guy pulled her pants up and dressed her. Basically, she made him SWEAR that he would not tell anyone about it. Two days later, a guy from the camp faceplants in the pee mud, walks right up and goes to order a drink. Then my friend was like “ok, now I can tell you what happened.”

awkward | concert | dating

Klarinnette (Klara + Annette)

We started coming here when we were young but at some point we stopped. And then we started coming back here again when we were 50, as mothers, and we continued ever since because it is good fun. The first time we came back, we were 50 years old and a couple of 20-year-old kids tried to score with us. It was a little bit amazing, a very peculiar Roskilde moment when we thought are they just drunk? They could be our sons. Then they started grabbing our asses and we were telling them off.

awkward | concert | dating


For the first time this year, I went to camp C with a friend of mine and at some point, there was a giant fire in a container and nobody gave a shit. The firemen were there trying to put it out and people were just walking past it – they didn’t even mind.

awkward | concert | dating


We have a friend in our camp – we are 22 girls – and she went for the perfect week. She actually did have sex everyday but only with 3 guys, but I am very proud of her. Almost mission accomplished. Plus, on the way here, she got on the train and got off to have sex and then got back on the train to make it in time. And while she was here she got a new job. She is amazing!

awkward | concert | dating


Five years ago, I was at RF for the first time. I met a very sweet boy, went to a concert with him and then we ended up hooking up and had sex. It was my first time. We didn’t talk for five years and then he Superliked me on Tinder and went out and now we are together!

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