Awkward, Awesome or Absurd Stories From Roskilde

Everyone has a favorite Roskilde Festival story that is absolutely absurd, mind-blowingly awesome or cringe-worthily awkward. We found some brave girls who were willing to share theirs.

Amy: 'Well, there was this one time at Roskilde when I hooked up with this cute guy who was from out of town. The day after I found out that he was my friend's brother. That was definitely awkward.'

Everyone has a crazy Roskilde story—whether it involves puking on your hookup, winning 5 cases of beer in a bet or finding a family of pant-collectors in your tent. We would like to give a big applause to the brave girls who were willing to share their most memorable Awkward, Awesome or Absurd stories from Roskilde Festival.


Photos by Abdellah Ihadian


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