Awfultune: 16 Quick Q’s with Your New Musical Crush

Looking for a new musical crush? We got you covered! Meet the amazing awfultune, singer/artist who’s using her lyrics and bedroom pop productions to spotlight living your authentic truth.


Music is everywhere, and it’s everything. We get blown away by new exciting acts every day and it’s a bummer of epic proportions that we can’t get it all covered. What we can do is try our best to introduce you to at least some of the awesome new artists we’re discovering along the way. You might not know them yet, but maybe you’re about to discover your new musical crush or the soundtrack for the rest of your life. And today’s your lucky day, because we scored ourselves a Q&A with the one and only awfultune!

We’ve fallen in love with Layla Eden, aka indie/bedroom pop singer-songwriter awfultune, who’s using words and sounds to show us what honesty is really about. Coming out as transgender and undergoing facial feminization surgery and hormone therapy, as well as finding peace with her transition are some of the themes that she explores in her lyrics, and from her laptop in upstate New York she creates unique pieces of music that – in her own words – can be compared to many artists but doesn’t sound like any of them.

With over 2 million monthly listeners on Spotify and more than 100 million global streams, we’re not the only ones getting a musical and emotional fix from awfultune. Join the fan club and get to know awfultune better from her Q&A below.

Hi, I’m awfultune and I’ve been making music since… I was a little kid. I’d write my own melodies and lyrics and send them to my mom for her to print out. It was super cute.

I started making music because… I didn’t have any other way to express my feelings. Music creation was and still is really healthy for me.

If I were to describe my music, I’d say it sounds kind of like… a mix of indie rock/bedroom pop. There’s a lot of people you could compare me to, but I’ve never heard music exactly like mine before.

I feel the most inspired when… my feelings are at their all time high. No matter the emotion, whether I’m sad and moody, in love, or just happy and at peace, writing has and will always be my favorite outlet.

I’m really proud of… myself for getting through all the shit I’ve overcome. I never thought I’d heal and I did.

The first time I heard “Dooo It!” by Miley Cyrus, I felt… like running around outside and dancing. A lovely and bizarre psychedelic track about being at peace with yourself, feeling one with the universe and smoking marijuana? Tell me what’s better than that.

awfultune | Music Monday

“No matter the emotion, whether I’m sad and moody, in love, or just happy and at peace, writing has and will always be my favorite outlet.” – awfultune

I’ll never forget when… I made my first music video. I rented an AirBnB for a few days, collected my friends and bought some equipment then pulled it off. I can’t believe how well the song and video did either. “I Met Sarah in the Bathroom” will always be one of my greatest achievements.

When I hear the word “love” it makes me… want to puke.

I feel the most empowered when… I take care of myself physically and mentally.

My latest release is “SICK OF U” and it’s… one of my favorite songs I’ve made.

When people listen to my music, I hope they… get exactly what they need from it.

It’s important to empower women because… women rule the fucking world.

My biggest role models are… Billie Eilish and Melanie Martinez.

Looking back at this time of my life 10 years from now, I’ll remember it being… challenging, inspirational, and worth it.

If I met my 14-year-old self I’d tell her… start hormones quick!

Anything else you want us to know?

Anything else you want us to know? Stream “SICK OF U” on Spotify and Apple Music now! There will be more music soon… I actually have a new song out called “sunflower” dropping on April 9th so keep an eye out!

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