Welcome to Tiffany Cooper’s Irresistibly Sarcastic World of Illustration

What do Elle Magazine, Colette and Karl Lagerfeld have in common? You might say fashion—but we say Tiffany Cooper.

Last weekend in Paris, I stumbled upon an artist in the store colette that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about. Tiffany Cooper’s quirky, sarcastic and fun illustrations are irresistible—and as proven by her work for multiple magazines, boutiques and companies, I’m not the only one who thinks so.

The French artist made a name for herself by having her work featured in French fashion magazines such as as Elle, Milk and Madame Figaro. But her cheeky and cartoony world also seduced magazines from China, Japan, Korea, most of Europe, Australia and USA such as Glamour, Elle Girl, Vogue and Time Magazine. However, Cooper didn’t limit herself to being a fashion assistant. Eventually, she got tired of working for labels like playful Isabel Marant and Sonia Rykiel; she went travelling the world while creating hilarious illustrations for her blog, commenting on social or fashion-related phenomenons.

Her style is so distinct that when Karl Lagerfeld saw her captivating illustrations of him and his cat, he asked her to collaborate. As a result, Cooper worked with Lagerfeld on exhibitions, clothes, books and more. Since then, she’s done product collaborations for Sunny Life with inflatable bananas and flamingos and has been a regular exhibitor at colette. Currently, they’re showing her ROMCOM exhibition which decorates the stairs and downstairs café with nutty versions of well-known pop-cultural characters.

All in all, I couldn’t help but admire and envy her nutty universe and what’s probably a pretty fun and colourful brain. Check out her work here and make up your mind about it yourself.