Take a Sneak Peek Into Sarah Riisager’s Sensual and Surreal ‘Photographic Poem’ to Siberia

Help her fund her first book, "Frozen", dedicated to the stark landscapes and warm people she encountered in remote Siberia.

When we worked with photographer Sarah Riisager at last year’s Roskilde Festival, we instantly understood she’d quickly become one of Denmark’s most promising visual talents. Her meticulously defined aesthetic, knack for merging the visceral and beautiful and diligent work ethic were impressive, to say the least—and over the last year, that combination paid off. In mid-2016, she was chosen to participate in the ‘Young Danish Photography’ exhibition at the Centre of Photography and ‘The Spring Exhibition’ at Charlottenborg. Later that year, prestigious photographer Jacob Aue Sobol made her his assistant and protege; as part of that working relationship, Riisager joined Sobol for a few months in rural Siberia to assist with his new photographic project. However, Riisager took time to create her own body of work, too. The result of which is “Frozen”, a starkly beautiful, icy and intimate publication which you can help fund on Kickstarter right now.

Here’s what Riisager has to say about the project:

“In January 2017, I travelled to Yakutia, Siberia. The first month I lived in the city of Yakutsk, after which I took a 7,000 km road trip travelling from village to village through Yakutia’s harsh and frozen nature towards Magadan in eastern Russia. Yakutia is a land of contrasts: the weather fluctuated from freezing point to minus 60 degrees, yet the Yakutians I visited in their homes were warm and hospitable – an openness and love I have rarely experienced before. I fell in love with the harsh nature, the cold and frozen landscape and not least, the people. Together, they withdraw from the outside world and form a unique community at the core of intimacy.

‘Frozen’ is a photographic poem of my travel in Yakutia, as well as a survey of a place in the world the few of us know and may not have heard of. ‘Frozen’ is also an insight into my universe, a universe that is about loneliness, incomprehensibility, love and fascination. Within this publication, I want to open up and invite the viewer to share my universe so that they can create their own story in mine.”

Take a sneak peek into the book here—and go help her fund it on Kickstarter! Also, if you’re planning some French vacationing this summer, you can check out her upcoming exhibition as part of Les Rencontres de la Photographie in Arles.