Sarah Huston’s Photos of the Marvellous Mayhem That Went Down at CPH Open

Naked skate sessions, street takeovers, rad skaters and more.

CPH Open a.k.a. Copenhagen’s annual skate contest has been going down for a few years now, but this year’s event kinda blew the previous years away. From July 19-23, more people showed up to skate, party and ogle CPH Open across spots in Copenhagen than ever before. What exactly went down? Delightful ruckus like naked skate sessions, burning bikes, street takeovers, rooftop climbing—coupled with seeing some of the world’s best skaters do their thing. Oh, and it’s definitely no longer a boys’ club: killer skaters like Helena Long, Rianne Evans, Chloe Bernard, Nora Vasconcellos and Lizzie Armanto delivered some insane tricks and kept the crowds pumped.

By Saturday, people were pretty much done after consecutive days of drinking and ripping, but CPH Open still ended with a massive party and best trick comp at Copenhagen Skatepark.

Our girl Sarah Huston was there to document the whole thing, so here’s a little series that will let you relive – or envision – the marvellous mayhem that went down at CPH Open. Good times, yo.